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My African World Foundation was established in 2011 with a dream to equip Africans with a tenacious commitment to empower women, youth and children through sport and education. We believe that sport is a platform to unite people of all walks of life and can contribute to the overall development of a person of any age. The values and characteristics acquired through playing sport includes respect for others, physical fitness development, teamwork, and the ability to be humble in victory or defeat -to name a few of numerous benefits. Moreover, to instil the pledge of hard work and the hunger to succeed by which participants will carry these prime values throughout their entire life.

Why do we want to empower women? Women must be empowered because the mass discrimination they have received historically and are receiving presently, which is clear from the gender-based violence we are experiencing in South Africa. 

With the assistant of US-Africa Children’s Fellowship NY they have built libraries that aids over 100 000 kids in the Eastern Cape which has resulted in an increase in school pass rate.  They provided sanitized water to 61 different communities and provided food parcels enhancing citizens well-being. They also have soccer developing programs in Tembisa, Vosloorus and Alex and wish to expand these programs in various townships.

The foundations plan for 2022 is to build a school. At first to start with a primary school which is from Grade 1-7 in the hopes of later creating a high school from Grade 8-12. The reason to undertake this project is because of the terrible conditions, poor equipment, and subpar teaching in the government schools. This has been proven by the matric 2021 results where five schools have obtained a zero percent pass rate according to The South African. Part of the problem is that children are taught in their native African language in primary school but when they progress to high school the language, they get taught in changes to English. The lecture at universities is in English and most jobs require English speaking personnel. The pass rate in schools is 30% whereas the university’s pass rate is 50%. Making it more difficult for students to pass, resulting in high dropout rates. The foundation will address all these problems by having a clean and safe environment which will be fully equipped, and the children will be taught in English from the very beginning. The school will put a lot of emphasis in math, science, and English as these are the most critical subjects needed uplift the society.

My African World Foundation is sponsored by various companies like MOSMART, GOODEED AI, POLYROADS, SYNERGISED holding, National Lotteries Commission and many more. Donations and sponsorship together brought an annual turnover of less than 500,000$ which is still inadequate for feeding and providing education to millions, Mr. Moses Dadi, CEO of Goodeed AI Technologies, one of the biggest supporters of My African World believes that “if everyone has the intention to give, then there is nothing difficult about equality and justice.”

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