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NJ Urban News is your Black news source in the Garden State. We are dedicated to covering New Jersey’s vibrant African American community through informative stories and thorough coverage. Founded in 2018, The motto of NJ Urban News is “A Voice for the Voiceless.” We cover stories often overlooked by mainstream media impacting the 1.3 million people that makeup New Jersey’s Black community.


Penda Howell, Co-Founder, CEO/Publisher

Dorothy Howell, Co-Founder, COO


Glenn Townes, Senior Writer

D. Kevin McNeir, Managing Editor, Senior Writer

Zaria Howell, Writer/Contributing Editor

Alexis Collins, Contributing Journalist

Isaac Hamlet, Contributing Journalist

Darryl Jacobs, Contributing Journalist/Sports

Cheryl Washington, Sr. Contributing Journalist/Sports

Ethan Stamm, Video Journalist

DyQuan Waters, Contributing Writer

Kyle Goldware, Contributing Writer

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