Recycle the Black Dollar hosts its first Annual Blackout Conference during this year’s Black Friday, Cyber Monday weekend, November 27th-30th. The virtual four-day event will concentrate on the importance and value of the black dollar and power of the Black community. Attendees can virtually shop and interact with Black Businesses, Organizations and Service Professionals as well as attend engaging breakout sessions with influencers and leaders in the black community from the comfort of their homes.

This year’s theme stems from one of the four pillars of Recycle The Black Dollar’s goals to “Reduce” the amount of money and resources that leave the black community. Each day is also themed to encourage Black consumers to connect with Black business owners nationwide and learn about the Black dollar’s importance and power.

Recycle The Black Dollar is more than a resource to support Black-owned businesses, but an economic call to action and justice for the Black community. The other three pillars of the mission are to Recycle, Reuse, and Reclaim our community’s resources. From building a free national directory and reinvigorating the conversation to get Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, RTBD noticed the moment created in 2020 for the Black community.

During a year filled with an abundance of lost, many Black business owners found a moment to grow their companies and brands. Chantel Clea Goins, the founder of Recycle The Black Dollar, recognized this and set out to provide a movement of stability for generations to come. Chantel and her team are intentionally working to reconnect the dots between the Black consumer and Black businesses. Rather than allowing only 2% of the $1.2 trillion that Black people spend in the economy, they have encouraged new members to join the Recycle The Black Dollar Movement to work together collectively and as a community.

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