In a world where elegance and refinement reign supreme, the enchantment of fragrances continues to cast its irresistible spell over our senses. Driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore the artistry of perfumery, I embarked on a personal journey to learn more.

I tried to create a connection with The Fragrance Foundation sharing my goals and after two years of attempts, they never provided any assistance.

Step in — Scentbird, the trailblazing subscription service that has forever changed the fragrance landscape. With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and a profound understanding of my desire to unravel the mysteries of this captivating industry, Scentbird fearlessly embraced the challenge, taking me under their fragrant wings.

Fragrance discovery

This company has a visionary approach to fragrance discovery, effortlessly marrying convenience and customization. For a remarkably affordable monthly rate, just shy of $17, Scentbird opens the door to an enticing world of scented adventures, delivering a curated selection of trial-sized vials from renowned brands like Prada, Gucci, Nest, Tom Ford, and many more directly to your doorstep.

Founded by a collective of lifestyle gurus and branding wizards, including the brilliant minds of Maria Nurislamova, Rachel ten Brink, Sergei Gusev, and Andrei Rebrov, Scentbird embodies the essence of luxurious exploration.

Their groundbreaking subscription model allows you to embark on a fragrance journey tailored to your unique preferences, receiving a deluxe sample of your chosen fragrance each month until you decide to pause or adjust your subscription.

Multifaceted beauty experience

But Scentbird’s passion for fragrance does not stop at its subscription service. With an ambitious vision in mind, Scentbird recently expanded its horizons, introducing their very own line of fragrances, aptly named Confessions of a Rebel.

This remarkable addition, alongside a selection of home goods and wellness items available for one-time purchases, demonstrates Scentbird’s commitment to offering a multifaceted beauty experience.

From the visionary Deck of Scarlet line, also founded by Maria Nurislamova, to sought-after brands like Joanna Vargas, Make, and Glow Recipe, Scentbird leaves no stone unturned when it comes to satisfying the diverse desires of beauty enthusiasts.

Your fragrance journey begins here

So, how does this fragrant odyssey unfold?

The journey begins with Scentbird’s immersive fragrance quiz, artfully designed to unlock your olfactory preferences and guide you toward your perfect scent. With a vast collection of over 600 perfumes to choose from, ranging from revered legacy houses such as Prada, Tom Ford, and Burberry to hidden gems from niche brands like Ellis Brooklyn and Juliette Has A Gun, Scentbird ensures that your fragrance queue is an exquisite reflection of your personal style.

What sets Scentbird apart is their unwavering dedication to empowering customers with comprehensive fragrance knowledge. Their meticulous breakdown of each fragrance, note by note, allows you to unravel the intricate layers of each scent, empowering you to make informed choices.

And if inspiration eludes you, Scentbird even offers the option to search for fragrances by occasion, personality, and season, ensuring that every moment of your scented journey is effortlessly tailored to your desires.

Fragrance subscription model

In the realm of affordability, Scentbird truly shines. At under $17 per month, this fragrant affair becomes an indulgence that is well within reach. And for those seeking long-term fragrance bliss, Scentbird offers discounted three, six, and 12-month packages, allowing you to revel in the scented wonders while enjoying exceptional savings.

In the face of indifference from The Fragrance Foundation, Scentbird stood tall, keeping their word on issues of diversity and inclusion.

Images courtesy of Scentbird

Fragrance review

Here’s a review of three of the fragrances offered in Scentbird’s wide selection: Eau d’Hadrien, Rose Trocadéro, and Mercedes-Benz SIGN.

Review 1: Eau d’Hadrien

Eau d’Hadrien by Maison Goutal is a fresh and elegant fragrance that has rightfully earned its legendary status. Created in 1981 by Annick Goutal, this avant-garde scent pays homage to her enchanting encounter with the Memoirs of Hadrian in Italy. Eau d’Hadrien, the signature fragrance of Maison Goutal, beautifully captures the essence of Tuscany with its radiant citrus notes and the embracing presence of cypress wood. It is a harmonious blend that transports you to sun-drenched terraces adorned with lemon trees, where the zesty cocktail of Sicilian Lemon, Citron, Grapefruit, and Bergamot sparkles under the comforting shade of cypress trees. The heart of the fragrance unveils the invigorating allure of Green Mandarin from Italy and the vibrant essence of Juniper Berries. As the fragrance settles, the base notes of Cypress, Ylang-Ylang, and Musk gently linger, leaving an enduring impression.

Review 2: Rose Trocadéro

Rose Trocadéro, an enchanting floral Eau de Parfum, evokes a sense of delicate beauty with its sweet blend of rose petals, blackcurrant buds, and white musk. Created by Yuri Gutsatz in 1976 and originally named Rose Thé, this fragrance captures the essence of fragrant roses from bygone eras and the cherished gardens of our childhood. Inspired by the Trocadéro Garden in reminiscent of the most beautiful French perfumes of the 1920s.

Review 3: Mercedes-Benz SIGN

Mercedes-Benz SIGN is a fragrance that exudes power, intensity, and an unforgettable sillage. Crafted by master perfumer Olivier Cresp, this modern and iconic scent showcases the excellence that the Mercedes-Benz brand represents. The top notes open with the effervescence of cardamom, combined with the freshness of pink peppercorn SFE, creating a lively and contrasting introduction. As the fragrance evolves, a warm and sensual blend emerges, featuring tonka bean, white musk, cashmere, and woody patchouli SFE. A floral bouquet comprising lavender, orange blossom, rose geranium, and the rare violet leaf absolute adds a sophisticated balance, expertly refined by Olivier Cresp.

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