The Pro-Lash Pro Kit

Haley Chipman founded Pro Lash, an at-home eyelash extension brand that offers professional results at a fraction of the cost. Although Ms. Chipman isn’t a woman of color, her story inspires our community, particularly with the rise of African-American-owned eyelash extension boutiques in major cities such as Chicago, Atlanta, New Jersey, New York, and Los Angeles.

Starting her career in nursing, Chipman worked as a lash artist to earn money for school. Recognizing a gap in the industry, she launched her first company, Bella Lash, in 2011, with support from her husband, who had an engineering background. Together, they created and innovated new products. Pro Lash underwent over 30 iterations before achieving the desired results.

Historically, BIPOC women have faced discouragement when it comes to dreaming big. However, times have shifted, and it is crucial to encourage everyone to pursue their grandest aspirations. This sentiment holds particular significance within the African American community, as its consumer base has consistently played a substantial role in the beauty industry, contributing billions of dollars annually to beauty product sales. Among the vast array of beauty offerings, mascara has consistently held a prominent position. It remains a popular choice, despite the shared sentiment among many individuals, including myself, who find applying mascara tedious and unenjoyable.

Pro Lash recognized the time-consuming and costly nature of professional lash extensions and sought to provide an accessible solution that allows customers to achieve captivating looks from their homes. Initially skeptical, I agreed to test Pro Lash’s product after they reached out to me, and the results were incredible. Join me as I share my personal experience with Pro Lash and explore the world of hassle-free, stunning lashes.

The Pro Lash brand embodies convenience and affordability, addressing the common challenges those seeking professional lash extensions face. Gone are the long hours spent at the salon and the hefty price tags associated with such treatments. Pro Lash offers an at-a-home alternative that promises easy application within minutes and a remarkable ten-day lifespan. Although initially skeptical, I can genuinely attest to the effectiveness of their system after trying it for myself.

I had the opportunity to try Pro Lash and Pro Kit, which they generously provided. Priced at $199, it may not be the most budget-friendly option for initial investment.
However, once you have acquired all the essential tools and accessories in the kit, the ongoing cost primarily centers around purchasing additional lash sets. Pro Lash offers three sets of lashes for $70, or with a subscription; the price reduces to $56. This subscription option presents a more affordable alternative in the long term, making Pro Lash accessible to a broader range of beauty enthusiasts.

The Pro Kit from Pro Lash encompasses a range of essential components. Users will find three sets of lashes within this comprehensive kit, a neoprene bag for convenient storage, a breakdown remover, reinforced adhesive, application tweezers, and scissors.
This thoughtfully curated collection equips individuals with all the necessary tools to achieve flawless lash extensions in the comfort of their own homes, eliminating the need for time-consuming and costly salon visits. With the Pro Kit, Pro Lash empowers users to achieve professional-quality results on their terms.

Applying Pro Lash for the first time had a slight learning curve. The initial outcome didn’t meet my expectations, but Pro Lash’s inclusion of a lash remover allowed me to start fresh without causing any damage. By the second attempt, I felt like a true professional. Opting for the Classic style, which provides a more natural look, I achieved stunning lashes that complemented my eyes without appearing overwhelming.

The process of applying Pro Lash was remarkably uncomplicated. Following a simple routine of cleansing my lashes, I applied the adhesive and skillfully used tweezers to attach each lash section. Although each set includes four areas, using just three was sufficient to achieve the desired effect. The entire application process took mere minutes, and to my delight, the stunning results lasted ten days, as guaranteed by Pro Lash. Initially concerned about the potential harm to my natural lashes during the removal process, I soon found solace in Pro Lash’s detailed instructions and the care I took with my lashes. To my relief, the removal procedure proved to be gentle and effortless, leaving my natural lashes unscathed. Pro Lash’s commitment to a seamless removal experience eliminated any lingering worries about damage, allowing me to enjoy the entire process with peace of mind.

Looking back on my experience with Pro Lash, it has been an exhilarating adventure. Every time I use their product, I become more adept at applying the lashes, resulting in excellent and stunning outcomes. Not only do I feel more confident and polished, but I have also realized that my daily makeup routine has become remarkably effortless. Let’s face it, who truly enjoys the tiresome task of applying mascara? Certainly not me. Pro Lash has emerged as a game-changer, and I hope this will inspire BIPOC creators (female and male) to create their brand.

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