Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

In honor of the 3rd annual National Curl Crush Day on March 16, Carol’s Daughter is inviting everyone to join the #CurlCrushChallenge and post a selfie (old or new) of your gorgeous curls, kinks, and coils, to celebrate  how far we’ve come in the journey of loving and embracing our natural hair.

Carol’s Daughter, the pioneer, natural hair care brand, established Curl Crush Day in 2021 to empower everyone to embrace their curls and be their OWN #curlcrush after a  survey found that 82% of Black women experience “curl envy” or wishing their hair looked like someone else’s.

“I learned from my mom that I would not ever be happy with what is beautiful and wonderful about me if I was always comparing myself to others. That is one of the reasons why this day is so important to me. We must love ourselves as we are. Celebrate who and what we are today. Without that foundation, we will not get stronger or better,” said Carol’s Daughter Founder, Lisa Price.

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