Piper Wai

Sit in silence,
Listen to the universe sing your praise,
Be still,
The entirety of life has choreographed a dance for you,
Inhale the elixir of life,
Envelope yourself in love,
Just be emerged in the love that eternity has bequeathed you.
By William Forchion 

Here are a few interesting gift ideas to shake up your V-day and if you’re trying to support some African-American brands, I’ve provided some suggestions to make surprising your bae easier. 


African American-owned jewelry company LELIA+MAE products are 18k gold plated and designed to last. https://bit.ly/3tWa5Uf 

African American-owned Butter By Keba is a premium line of moisturizers and synergistic fragrances designed to give you smoother skin while uplifting and soothing your mood using the practice & process of aromatherapy and perfumery. 

African American-owned Quons Eyes created by makeup artist and television beauty expert, Quon Wilson has a false eyelash business with a goal of teaching customers how to correctly apply false eyelashes without compromising their lash health. 

PiperWai, the first all-natural, charcoal-based, nontoxic deodorant developed by Sarah Ribner,  Founder & CEO. She began her journey with wellness over a decade ago, however, until five years ago, an effective nontoxic, natural deodorant was the missing piece in her quest to lead a healthy, low waste lifestyle. Deodorant was becoming a controversial personal care product as active ingredients in deodorant and antiperspirant were linked to long term illnesses.


St Elise BAZAAR is founded out of deep respect for artisans who create with their hands and is named in honor of a woman who loved everyone, listened well, and empowered others through her generous heart. Their mission is threefold: to represent artisans from around the world, to respect the culture of the artisans, and to support the artisans in maintaining sustainable production methods for their communities and the world at large. https://bit.ly/3IlUOQG 

Allégorie is a women-owned, independent, and socially responsible company pushing the boundary of sustainable fashion while solving the food waste problem, one fruit at a time. https://bit.ly/3FQATrj – https://bit.ly/3rGTJvV

Sapahn is an ethical fashion brand that crafts luxury leather bags and accessories that advance human rights. They fully embraced a regenerative business model that prioritizes personal empowerment over charity—and human rights is at the heart of all we do. The Linda Jean Handbag is perfect for work and business. https://bit.ly/3ArGLGv #carryitforward #sapahn


Lace by Jenny Wu an architect has been working in the intersection between art and architecture creating jewelry that she 3D printed herself to wear. She received incredible feedback just walking around the streets of Miami. Her Machina X ring is an exclusive 3D printed men’s jewelry line featuring adjustability within a machined aesthetic. Stainless steel and mechanistic hardware are assembled for an industrialized approach to a men’s ring. The ring unifies hardware and 3D printed stainless steel. 



RoseSkinCo zaps away unwanted hair and stops any hair growth in its tracks with the official RoseSkinCo IPL hair removal handset designed to deliver long-term hair removal with noticeable results in just 3 weeks. 

Since 2015 Sakuraco has been bringing families the tastiest popular snacks with their sister brand TokyoTreat. In Japan, afternoon tea is an important part of life, take a look at what they ship out. https://bit.ly/3fRTEA4

Carter Mug is created by Fellow Products. Last year this company issued a statement Fellow’s Commitment To Change where they promised transparency and accountability and to address broader systemic racism in the communities in which they operate. https://bit.ly/3qRFEfT 

Clara French Press is one of the best products on the market. Their 

unique vacuum-insulated walls maintain the ideal brewing temperature for optimal extraction and keep your coffee hot for your second and third cups, while the enhanced mesh filtration makes them taste as smooth and silt-free as the first. Clara is your forever French Press. https://bit.ly/33HIJ9K 

Vitamix®  — own your health and make positive changes.  Start with 

Vitamix ONE™, a smaller-format blender designed for those just starting on their wellness journey. https://bit.ly/3FUm1Io Here’s a link to make a Tropical Yogurt Freeze – https://bit.ly/3GQxHxc 

Zoey Sleepknows the power of sleep can make all the difference in your daily life and according to the Sleep Foundation, nearly half of Americans feel sleepy. Why? Inadequate sleep. Try the Curve Pillowa customizable pillow designed for head and neck support. 100% hypoallergenic, consisting of lyocell fibers made from sustainable woods such as eucalyptus, oak, and birchwood.

Consonant Skin + Care is a clinically proven, award-winning natural skincare line filled with products that are paired with wellness tips to help you discover your best skin. https://bit.ly/3AqxrCK 

Kadalys (sustainable Banana Science) their scientifically proven bio-active ingredients are packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help a complexion stay younger looking for longer! Check out the best sellers – https://us.kadalys.com/collections/best-sellers and all products are natural, vegan, and made with their clinically proven and patented banana bio-actives so you can achieve your daily glow. https://bit.ly/3AnQPAp 


Ryan Porter has a great selection of cost-effective gifts for the kids in your life. https://bit.ly/35gsUY6 


If you’re looking for a new signature scent for 2022 we’ve compiled a list of the bestselling and top-rated perfumes available Sephora from seductive undertones to sweet, playful notes, these are some of the best. 

Chanels Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum https://seph.me/3FYGrA6  ) has a floral scent that’s nothing short of intoxicating. Its fresh and vibrant orange will awaken the senses, highlighting the accords of Grasse jasmine, May rose, and blooming accents of patchouli and vetiver. This is a magnificent sparkling amber scent. 

Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum by Viktor&Rolf https://seph.me/3FVXsuS  ) is a floral perfume with a layer of cattleya, jasmine, and rose to add warm patchouli and vanilla cologne base to complement this fragrance.

Matcha Meditation by Maison Margiela ( https://bit.ly/3fRYE7O ) is a zen scent that captures the joyful feeling of enlightenment achieved by meditation that smells like a warm cup of matcha tea. Top notes: Bergamot Essence, Mandarine Essence, Green tea Accord. Middle notes: Matcha Accord, Orange blossom Absolute, Jasmin Accord. 

Base notes: Benzoin, Moss accord, White chocolate Accord

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