I was today-years-old when I discovered that using a diffuser or humidifier with water wasn’t as healthy as I thought it was. Enter Canopy. And why is it important to have cleaner air? 

Research shows that the home environment plays a major role in achieving glowing skin and a healthy body and mind. This is one of the motivations that drove a team to create Canopy – a line of reimagined devices that optimize the home for beauty and wellness.

At Canopy, a small group of product nerds and beauty junkies based in New York City combined their expertise imagining and launching products in the home, health, skincare, and beauty categories.

Canopy keeps it clean. And their aroma oils are thoughtfully formulated to be clean and highly potent, giving you a superior scent experience free from the harmful ingredients we all want to avoid. Their pure essential oils are vegan use no phthalates, sulfates, mineral oils, parabens, synthetic dyes, and is cruelty-free. 

Dermatologists will tell you that traditional humidifiers that use water vapor as a delivery system can spit out contaminants and allergens along with moist air, which is not only gross but also bad for you. But Canopy is mist-free so you don’t have to worry about that at all. And the Canopy Humidifier also prevents mold and bacteria from growing.

The Canopy Diffuser uses two ceramic accessories to provide a customized, clean aroma experience. It has a waterless, mistless aroma that makes elevating your space clean and easy. It diffuses up to 400 square feet and because it is waterless there is no opportunity for mold growth. The fan has three speeds (low, med, high) which offer a controlled aroma experience and is customized for short or long-term diffusion. The evaporative no-mist diffusion is free from bacteria and particles. It is easy to handle and offers hassle-free maintenance. 

I would rate the Canopy Diffuser ten out of ten. https://bit.ly/3As4h6n – https://bit.ly/3fTz6ax 

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