Fam[ily] I understand that when the cold wind blows, it’s hard to believe that Spring is just right around the corner, but the sweet aroma of WHEN THE RAIN STOPS, by Replica will usher you into that frame of mind with the first whiff.

All of Replica’s fragrances are designed to reproduce the familiar scents that are inspired by a moment, location, and period.

WHEN THE RAIN STOPS is inspired by Dublin, 1967, and the fragrance is best described as fresh rain and sunrays. In a word, it smells fresh. 

And the combination produces a fresh, aquatic scent that captures the moment after the rain stops—the wet grass and rays of sunshine peeking through—created through a unique combination of aquatic accord, rose petal, bergamot oil, and patchouli.

The beauty of the bottle is influenced by the look of classic apothecary jars, the luxe bottle carries a cotton label with black ink text and a unique pump wrapped with rope as a homage to the original couture line. The fresh eau de toilette within is echoed by the Polaroid photograph printed on the outside carton.

What I love about WHEN THE RAIN STOPS is, like memories of a spring afternoon, I can almost see the calm sky just before the fat, raindrops roll off the windows, and the smell of wet earth radiates through the air, this fragrance inspires a fresh start and new beginnings.

The combination of the earthy scent of the Patchouli essence associated with the aquatic accord is the signature of the fragrance as it recreates the sensation of wet nature. The Patchouli essence is a luxurious ingredient that is sustainably sourced in Bali, in accordance with the highest environmental and ethical standards. Its production helps local populations and offers the best quality ingredient.

The Isparta Rose Petal essence is also sustainably and ethically sourced. It offers sweet notes of fresh rose that illuminate the fragrance. Combined with the vibrant pink pepper, it evokes the positive energy brought by the return of the sun. With this fragrance, the perfumer, Fanny Bal, has recreated the scent of fresh rain and sun rays, conveying serenity and the affirming message that the sun always returns after the rain: like the promise of a better tomorrow.

WHEN THE RAIN STOPS ( https://seph.me/3qO4bkW) fresh, clean fragrance lasts for hours but here are some tips to keep it lasting even longer. 

Tip 1: As damp skin locks in the scent, apply the fragrance straight after showering or bathing and before getting dressed.

Tip 2: Apply the fragrance on your pulse points for a more seductive effect and stronger diffusion. Spray the fragrance from at least 15-20 centimeters from the area of application.

Tip 3: For a more diffused effect, spray the fragrance in the air and walk through it.


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