An avowed white supremacist and sycophant of Donald Trump plead guilty last week to participating in the attempted insurrection of the U.S. Capitol last January and assaulting a police officer. Scott Fairlamb is the first person from the Garden State to admit promulgating the attack and assaulting a police officer openly.

Fairlamb, 44, lives in Sussex County and has sat in a Washington DC jail since being arrested shortly after the attack. He is the son of a deceased New Jersey state trooper. His brother is a former Secret Service agent assigned to protect former First Lady Michelle Obama. He was indicted on at least a dozen charges, including assault, entering a restricted area with a deadly weapon, and committing physical violence. Fairlamb pleads guilty to one count of obstruction and one count of assaulting an officer. He is one of more than a dozen people from New Jersey under investigation by the police for the January attack.

According to various reports, Fairlamb, who owns a gym and posted racist and violent videos on Facebook and other social media, is shown on surveillance video and numerous photographs breaching the Capitol. He is also shown punching a Capitol officer and the face and shouting obscenities. Innnn one video, Fairlamb is heard shouting, “What (do) Patriots do? We f—‘ disarm them and then we storm the f—‘ Capitol!”
In another video, he punches an officer. Before the attack, a further review of his social media accounts included threats of violence—including an Instagram message threatening U.S. Rep Cori Bush—a recently elected Black Democratic legislator from Missouri. Bush is an outspoken critic of Trumpism. In a statement to the media, Harley Breite, a criminal defense attorney for Fairlamb in Paterson, said, “My client relaizes his actions were wrong and wished to make amends for them and get back to a law-abiding life.”

However, court documents and police reports show Fairlamb has a lengthy rap sheet with offenses stretching back at least ten years. A federal judge said Fairlamb continued to be a danger to the community and showed little remorse for his violent actions. He faces a sentence of between 41 to 51 months and will be sentenced in late September.

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