Staying at home means transitioning activities away from public spaces and into your living room – and exercising is no exception. Adding a consistent workout routine to your day will give you more energy, strengthen your balance, and keep your mind engaged. With so many options for online workouts, you’ll find plenty of activities to keep your exercise routine fun and safe, all from the comfort of your own home! Read ahead to learn about five of the best platforms for your active lifestyle. 

Jazzercise on Demand

If you were working out to dance hits in the 70s and 80s, chances are you’re familiar with Jazzercise. This popular dance-based workout has made a comeback in recent years and now offers online access. For $20/month (after a free trial), you’ll have access to thousands of live or on-demand workouts that you can stream on your computer, tv, or phone. All the platforms allow you to search for classes based on length and type, so if you’d like a quick 10-minute low-impact workout, you’re only a few clicks away! Bonus: you’ll hear some old classics in the music lineup as well as new hits!


Are you ready to “flip the script on life after 50?” With Flip50 ($30/month), you’ll have access to thousands of fitness centers nationwide as well as on-demand exercise videos to stream at home. The free version gives you a weekly plan that seeks to balance exercise, nutrition, and rest; you can skip the routines that don’t work for you, and the Flip50 app will learn more about your preferences as you go. Instructional videos help with motivation and skill development, and the weekly variety of tips keeps things fun. If you’re looking for a holistic wellness program, Flip50 is for you! Bonus: AARP members get a plan discount!


Designed to provide access to a nationwide network of gyms, fitness classes, and online workouts – all for seniors! – SilverSneakers is a membership program that gives you entrance to thousands of facilities and discounts on other wellness purchases (massage, nutritionists, etc.). For home-based use, you’ll be blown away by the number of online classes available to stream on your computer or tv, including how-to videos so that you know you’re getting the moves just right. You can also download the SilverSneakers GO app to track your neighborhood walks and access workout routines when you’re out and about. With strength, yoga, cardio, and more, you’re sure to find an exercise that fits into your daily routine. Bonus: many Medicare plans will cover the cost of SilverSneakers, so check your benefits today!


Endless variety is one way to make sure that you’re excited about working out every day. With Obé (available to stream on your tv/computer or iPhone; $27/month), you’ll have access to thousands of workouts, both live and on-demand. The program allows you to filter classes based on audience (try the Seniors group!), duration, low/high impact, and workout type (cardio, strength, and more). If you’re just beginning an exercise routine, try following Obé’s Just Getting Started program. As you move through the workouts, you’ll be excited to add more and more variety to your exercise plan! Bonus: the instructors often lead holiday-themed classes for some added fun!

7 Minute Chi

Are you interested in improving your balance, flexibility, and strength? Tai chi is a traditional Chinese movement and meditation exercise that strengthens your mind and body at the same time. With the 7 Minute Chi app (free for iPhone and Android), you can add this whole-body exercise to your daily routine. The moves and meditations will help focus your thoughts as well as cultivate a strong core – something that’s crucial for balance and posture. Use this app on its own or in conjunction with another workout program for a well-rounded approach. Bonus: because the instructor gives verbal cues, you can use this workout as late-night relaxation – just close your eyes to start settling into bedtime!

Choose one or more of these virtual exercise routines to try today – your mind and body will thank you!

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