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Faith for Black Lives Chair Rev. Stephen A. Green, Until Freedom Co-Founders, Tamika Mallory, Linda Sarsour, Mysonne Linen, Angelo Pinto, Esq., Members of the Louisville 87, Activists and Influencers, are taking indefinite residency in Louisville, Kentucky to continue the fight for Breonna Taylor, more than 140 days after her murder.

The group converged in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, August 8 in collaboration with local activists and faith leaders to organize activities, events and a direct action to demand that the police officers involved are charged, including Detective Joshua Jaynes, who lied to obtain the no-knock warrant.

“This is our generation’s Selma moment as we shift the moral compass of the nation towards beloved community through civic engagement and civil disobedience as we pursue justice for Breonna Taylor,” said Rev. Stephen A. Green, Chair, Faith for Black Lives.

“Now more than ever it is important to continue the action and conversation around Breonna Taylor to bring justice to her life and the lives of innocent civilians at the hands of the police. A group of activists, leaders, and influencers will move to Louisville, Kentucky until an arrest has been made of Breonna Taylor’s killers,” said Tamika Mallory, Co-Founder of Until Freedom.

The rally “From Mike Brown to Breonna Taylor: The Fight for Justice Continues” was held on Sunday, August 9 alongside the families of Michael Brown and Breonna Taylor, marking the 6th anniversary of the murder of Michael Brown.

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