Mobile Drive-in Graduation (Unlimited Outdoor Entertainment photo)

Urban News Staff Reports

Graduating students throughout the country, at both high school and university levels, aren’t crossing a stage to accept their diploma this school year. 

Some schools have chosen to postpone events, while others have scheduled virtual graduation, but The Mobile Drive-In Graduation Ceremony is bringing the virtual graduation to life. Photos and videos of the graduates, whether previously filmed or live-streamed, can be shared in place of their walk across the stage.

“We are most looking forward to seeing videos from families in their vehicles cheering, beeping their car horns, and feeling that community support of their efforts and achievements,” said Kat Randolph, Marketing and Sales Director of Unlimited Outdoor Entertainment (UOE).

Drive-in events have exploded during the current COVID-19 atmosphere. The mobile version of the drive-In has experienced a true reawakening due to its mobility. 

“When you can take the drive-in experience directly to the customer, and customize it for their individual event needs, whether it’s a traditional movie, a semi-virtual graduation ceremony, or a drive-in church worship service, we are creating unique solutions for customer’s event needs,” UOE owner and CEO Laura Landers said.

As the social distancing ordinances are extended, the drive-in events are offering not only movies, drive-in church and graduation services, but also provides a way to hold community fundraisers and gather communities in as close to the traditional way as possible – but socially distant and safely together.

After receiving over 300 inquiries from churches, universities, high schools, and traditional movie theaters looking for alternative solutions in this new era, UOE said it’s gearing up for a busy summer season once the stay in place guidelines are relaxed or lifted.

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