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Danessa Myricks’s latest creation has set the beauty community abuzz. Her all-encompassing palette, designed for eyes, brows, face, and lips, embodies innovation at its finest. Myricks’s reputation as a trailblazer in the makeup industry finds further validation in this latest release.

This multi-use, talc-free palette boasts velvety pomades and coordinating oil-absorbing shaping powders, facilitating effortless definition for eyes, brows, cheeks, and lips. While the array of choices might seem daunting, it is, in fact, an essential addition to any daily beauty routine. Ms. Myricks meticulously curated neutral shades that complement all skin tones, a bold promise that this visionary undeniably lives up to.

What makes this palette truly remarkable is its versatility. It offers buildable colors for both eyes and face, allowing users to achieve soft to bold results with a luxurious velvet satin finish. Designed with efficiency in mind, one palette seamlessly integrates two unique textures for each of its 10 shades.

The Velvet Pomade, described as lightweight and easily blendable, applies effortlessly with a brush or fingertips. Complementing this, the Shape N’ Fix Powder, infused with Upsalite technology, blurs imperfections, controls oil, and ensures a smooth texture, all while locking in shape and definition for long-lasting wear.

While undoubtedly a makeup professional’s dream, this palette is also engineered to empower everyday users, making them feel like experts in their own right. With each application, users edge closer to achieving their desired look, embracing their inner makeup artist.

Let’s explore the nuances of the neutrals palette, which comprises 10 distinctive shades:

Sandstone: Seashell Beige

            Desert: Sand Dune Taupe

         Mirage: Soft Sandalwood

            Chiseled: Smokey Taupe

            Sculpted: Desert Brown

            Stone: Limestone Grey

            Core: Burnt Terracotta

            Harvest: Mahogany Brown

            Bark: Umber Earth

            Tourmaline: Obsidian Black

Danessa Myricks, the visionary founder and CEO of Danessa Myricks Beauty, shared her insight into the palette’s creation: “We’ve reimagined the traditional shadow palette beyond eyes with two unique textures that multi-task to work on face, eyes, brows, and lips. Strategically designed to give everyone the confidence to play, Groundwork was developed with high-performance formulas in universal shades perfect for all skin tones and any look. The natural tones in oil-absorbing powders and velvety pomades are intended to shape, sculpt, define, and line. Whether you’re a pro or a novice, you can create, build, and blend with ease, while bringing you in alignment with your highest expression of personal beauty. This is Groundwork and these are your sacred grounding rituals.”

How to Use:

Shape the Eyes: Apply Velvet Pomades for structure and definition. Set with Shape N’ Shift Powders to lock in place.

Sculpt the Face: Use Velvet Pomades to sculpt cheekbones, jawline, and temples with a fluffy angled brush. Set with Shape N’ Fix Powders in coordinating shades.

Fill the Brows: Structure brows with Velvet Pomades and fill with Shape N’ Shift Powders using a small angled brush.

Line and Define: Trace and wing with Velvet Pomades. Create a cut crease or line your lips. Set and smudge with Shape N’ Shift Powders.

Danessa Myricks’s all-over palette is a testament to her commitment to elevating makeup artistry. With this innovative creation, users embark on a transformative journey, embracing their unique beauty with confidence and style. Available now at

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