TRENTON, N.J. – Mayor Reed Gusciora and the Trenton City Council announced plans to demolish 20 dilapidated properties along Sanford Street, in order to make way for redevelopment, according to a prepared statement released on July 9, 2023.

The project would utilize funding from the Neighborhood Redevelopment and Revitalization Pilot Program (NRRPP), a state reimbursement program, which has identified Stanford Street as one of the city’s choice neighborhood areas that is in critical need of revitalization, with the potential of being a gateway to support the economic and residential quality of life around the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd Area.

“We are extremely appreciative of state funding that has made this revitalization effort possible” said Mayor Reed Gusciora. “This block has been notorious for unproductive activities; however, with the demolition of 20 properties along the street, we’ll pave the way for economic development on this street. It’s exciting to consider what a redeveloper might be able to do with so much space on a residential block and we look forward to hearing any such proposals.”

The properties of Sanford Street have been documented and identified imminent hazards and the whole block has been reported from residents, elected officials, and public/uniformed city personnel as hazardous to the health and safety of residents. There were plans to repair these properties, however due to its vacancy and sparse maintenance over the years, these structures are beyond repair. These structures have had long exposure to water and elements, unaddressed structural compromises, and fire damages, which collectively has led to calls for the demolition of the structures.  

“We hope that with this demolition project, the lives of many Trentonians can be touched and impacted in a positive way,” said Council President Teska Frisby. “This project is yet another example of blight being turned into opportunity in the Capital City, with better living conditions and a city truly worth being called a home.”

The demolition of these vacant and abandoned single family structures is expected to be replaced with newer, more modern spaces, such as those identified in the Trenton 250’s Master Plan, which would address quality of life issues in the neighborhood, attract families to Trenton, and stimulate the local economy.

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