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TRENTON, N.J. – Governor Phil Murphy issued a statement tonight on the contract agreement between Rutgers University administration and faculty unions.

“I am pleased that the framework that was announced between the Rutgers University Administration and union bargaining committees in my office on April 15th has led to a full agreement on new contracts,” said Governor Murphy, in a prepared statement released on Sunday, April 30, 2023.

“We brought all parties together earlier this month to engage in constructive dialogue and reach an agreement regarding matters such as compensation, benefits, and job security for both full- and part-time faculty members. Today’s contract agreement accomplishes all of those goals.

“As one of the nation’s leading universities, Rutgers has long been a source of pride for our state. Ensuring Rutgers faculty are respected and fairly compensated will result in a better educational experience for students, educators, and staff. Furthermore, resolving these complex concerns through good faith negotiations is a testament that all sides can come together and work through their differences for the common good.

“I’d like to thank President Holloway, union leaders, and Rutgers faculty for their hard work and commitment in reaching this historic agreement,” Governor Murphy said in the statement.

The leadership of three Rutgers faculty and academic unions called for a strike after several months of unsuccessful negotiations for new contracts.

Tens of thousands of students across Rutgers University’s New Brunswick, Newark, and Camden campuses were affected when full- and part-time faculty members went on strike on Monday, April 10, 2023, resulting in the cancellation of classes and picketing across the campuses.

Rutgers students returned to classes on Monday, April 17, after a framework agreement had been reached between Rutgers University and labor union representatives.

Rutgers University President Jonathan Holloway issued the following statement today:

Tentative Agreement on New Contracts with Faculty Unions

April 30, 2023
Dear Members of the Rutgers Community:

I am happy to let you know that a tentative agreement on new contracts has been reached between the university and its faculty unions. The agreement with the union leaders, which was today approved by their Executive Council and still requires ratification from the broader union membership, provides substantial salary increases for full-time faculty, graduate assistants, teaching assistants, and others. It provides new compensation programs for our medical school faculty and provides both salary increases and job security for our part-time lecturers, who will be referred to as “Lecturers” upon ratification.

I know that our union leaders will be reaching out to their members regarding the steps necessary to ratify the contracts. Click here to see a summary of many of the relevant changes to the contracts.

If ratified, the contracts’ provisions would be retroactive. Eligible employees, covered by these agreements, will receive payment of retroactive pay increases dating back to July 1, 2022, soon after the contracts are ratified.

Reaching this point today is a recognition that we all can come together and work through our differences for the good of the university. It is also a testament to the leadership of Governor Murphy, who brought all sides together when progress had stalled. 

My thanks to all those whose hard work contributed to achieving this agreement, and I look forward to resolving all outstanding non-faculty contracts as quickly as possible. 


Jonathan Holloway
President and University Professor 

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