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Whether your career is just beginning or you’re looking to shift gears, the insurance industry may be the right place for you. The industry employs nearly 3 million people in the United States and depends on a diverse workforce from various professional backgrounds. However, experts say that persisting myths may prevent talented job seekers from exploring these careers.

“Many job seekers have preconceived notions about what a career in insurance looks like, and they are not always accurate,” said Carrie Martinelli, vice president of talent at Selective Insurance. “The fact is that an insurance industry career offers virtually unlimited job opportunities and chances to learn, grow, benefit from new experiences and make a difference in your community.”

Martinelli also notes that you don’t need an insurance background to get hired and thrive. An informal survey of Selective Insurance employees revealed that 42-percent had no prior insurance experience before landing their current role.

To help job seekers break into the industry and find success in their new careers, Selective Insurance offers the following tips and insights:

  1. Don’t assume your background isn’t a fit: You may be surprised to learn that the industry does not just hire talent for traditional sales, underwriting, safety management, actuarial and claims roles. It also requires the expertise of legal experts, innovation strategists, and finance, marketing and IT security professionals. In fact, the Insurance Information Institute notes that even art historians and drone pilots are needed to make the industry tick. Before assuming your background isn’t a fit, contact an insurance firm to learn how your experiences and interests translate to an insurance position.
  2. Seek to grow in your new job: In a recent Conference Board survey, 96% of respondents said it was “important” or “very important” to develop their work-related skills continuously. There’s a good reason this sentiment is so popular. Professional development helps employees grow, learn and thrive, preparing them for more advanced positions or new areas of responsibility. Consider how such opportunities can benefit your career and take time to learn about the company’s professional development program during any interview process. Selective Insurance, for example, provides in-person and virtual training, simulations, peer coaching and mentorship opportunities for all employees throughout their tenure with the company.
  3. Find a sense of purpose: Insurance industry employees are unsung heroes who can help improve challenging situations. They provide expertise to help protect valuable assets like businesses, homes and vehicles. They also offer support and guidance after an unexpected loss, making these careers an ideal fit if you are passionate about helping protect your local community.

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