Teska Frisby, Trenton City Council President (Courtesy photo)

Dozens of Trentonians celebrated earlier this week when newly elected Trenton Council member Teska Frisby was appointed President at-large of the council at the first official and joint meeting of the newly formed legislative arm in the Capital City.

Frisby (West Ward) joined fellow council members Joe Harrison (East Ward), Jenna Figueroa Kettenberg (South Ward), and Jennifer Williams (North Ward) and at-large winners Jasi Edwards, Yazminelly Gonzalez, and Crystal Feliciano. Frisby won the council’s top spot in a 4-3 vote. She permanently replaces disgraced and embattled former council head, Kathy McBride. The former President’s four-year reign on the council was marred by constant scandals, lawsuits, ineptitude, and frequently embarrassing public antics by council members. McBride lost in her campaign bid to unseat incumbent Mayor Reed Gusciora.

Frisby is being called the “new darling of the city of Trenton” by some Trentonians who welcome a competent and effective city council, which was glaringly absent for years. “Councilwoman Frisby promised to ‘get things done,’ and I am confident she will,” said Bill Kearney of Trenton. Kearney is co-founder of the enormously popular website Trenton Orbit.

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The site monitors everything in and around the capital city. Kearney added that while the role of President requires procedural rules and consensus-building skills, Frisby’s new role will allow her to lead and demonstrate that knowledge and expertise.

Lastly, former at-large council member candidate Michael Ranallo said Frisby and the new city council is a welcomed and much-needed positive change for the city of Trenton. “Most of my campaign time was spent learning procedure and attending every council meeting to learn how meetings are run and combing through past agendas,” Ranallo said. “I feel secure in the knowledge that my fellow candidates were doing the same so they would also be well prepared and versed in the working of council.” The next regular session council meeting is Thursday, February 23rd, at City Hall.

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