We are midway into January of 2023, and new beauty trends are “trending” while others are fading. The first to become a distant memory is the look from the hit HBO series “Euphoria” and the need to add contour to your face is fading.

The look for 2023, according to beauty insiders, begins with having clean, fresh skin. The goal is to give our skin time to breathe and to heal. That will lead to an uptick in sales for tinted serums, moisturizers, and SPFs. Gone is the look of having heavy matte foundations. That’s brilliant news for lines like Ilia, Saie, YSL, and Supergoop! These products offer featherlight formulas that create much coveted no-makeup makeup in a bottle. The name of the game for foundations is to deliver a very, very skin-like appearance with formulas that sink into the skin with minimal blending and provide a long-lasting luminosity.

Eyebrows will lean toward a more natural shape; no more tweezing them into shape; rather, the look enhances the natural shape. Also trending is the peroxide to the brow look, seen on Kendall Jenner, Julia Fox, and Bella Hadid. Perhaps it’s because of the popular Netflix series “Wednesday,” but the smudged, messy black eyeliner is back! Makeup artists across social media platforms recommend the best way to smudge a liner with a brush to give a more lived-in look.

For the lips, there is a return to a glossy, shiny, and satin finish. In terms of the color, the return of the red lipstick is emerging as the winner but with a high sparkle to make the color pop. Taking advantage of the bold color movements, expect lipsticks in purple, orange, and brown hues. In terms of mascara, there are new formulas that will give the appearance of wearing faux lashes from Tower 28 , Christian Louboutin Beauty Les Yeux Noirs Lift Ultima, Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara, and MakeWaves Mascara Mascara.

The glow is still trending with Rare Beauty Positive Light Silky Touch Highlighters selling out across the globe. This spring and summer, it’s predicted that bronzers will lose their allure and be replaced with a dewy look with the power of the summer bringing the heat — pun intended.

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