Tracey Lynn Counts--owner of UpLiftX (LinkedIn photo)

After a long and dark pandemic, Newark native TraceyLynn Counts made it her mission to create a new brand that promotes purpose and positivity. The new T-shirt line is UpLiftX. The shirts have a dual purpose. Counts said the wearer should feel positive and act as walking billboards to share the message with others.

The pandemic was unquestionably a hard time for many, and during the height of it in 2020, all work stopped for Counts. Instead of feeding into the negativity, she used the time by putting her media and marketing skills to work and created UpLiftX. “I would see people wearing these, even as a gift, would make people feel a certain way,” Counts says as the shirts inspire and are “also good to lounge in. They’re comforting.”

The T-shirt line is a campaign that espouses messages like “Dream Big” and “Inspired. However, for Counts, the words “Stay Focused” is a message that resonates. “Stay Focused is a message to help keep your mind right,” she said. Counts added she is also currently looking to partner with programs for healthy mental awareness.

Despite becoming more accepted and discussed, the topic of mental illness is still considered taboo by many. For example, during the pandemic, people saw more of their community members struggle physically, mentally, and spiritually. It shook many to their core. When going through something hard in life, it can be easy to dismiss positivity and give in to the negative. Sometimes all it takes is a short message to help remind, motivate, or encourage you to keep your head up and “Stay Focused,” even in times of uncertainty.

Growth in business for the Black community with Black CEOs at Fortune 500 Companies is reportedly reaching 1%, which is an all-time high. With only 2.4% of businesses being Black-owned in America, much progress still needs to be made. Counts were no exception to the hardships of starting her own business. Still, with the help of her friends and family, who believed in her message, and her unshakable passion for getting the positive message out into the world, she could find a way.

To learn more about UpLiftX, follow the link below:

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