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It’s hard to accurately predict what beauty trend will lead in 2023, but it’s always a lot of fun to try. Industry insiders are predicting that shimmering glows will continue to be in vogue. As the younger generation of beauty lovers pushes into trying products, there will be a burst of color, glitter, metallics, and pastels to explore.

On the other end of the color spectrum, shades will get warmer, including hair color moving from the “blondes have more fun” to the beauty and range that being a brunette offers. As for skin trends, they look lit from within, starting with a new, clean complex to maximize that glow. The high-collagen bounce effect only comes with combining skincare and makeup for a multidimensional glow. Temporary face embellishments return with the freckle face trend, jewel placement, and gem-encrusted eyebrows.

Since the eyes are the mirrors of the soul, get ready to push into finding the best eyeliner and application. The perfect brush will help you get into the inner corners to help you achieve a siren-eye look. According to the makeup pros, new technologies will help you get the desired look. When framing the face, perfect eyebrows make a statement. 2022 saw the return of skinny brows and bleached arches. There will also be a reemerging from the ’90s: soft goth and ’90s nudes. On the goth side, people will attempt to look like Wednesday [Addams] with smoky browns, plums, and burgundies perfectly smudged under and around the eye with dark, smoked-out black shadow on the lash line.

A cultural shift will see more people wearing copper eyeshadows to match their hair color. To get that ’60s doe-eyed effect, the best liner and MAC and Stila have excellent choices. When it comes to lipstick shades, the most popular are predicted to be bubblegum pink, velvet peach, cherry, red, and rich berry.

And there is the return of the lip liner to get that ’90s lip contour because consumers are waking up to a world of possibility with lip liner. It’s like having a magic wand. You can contour, fill in, create crisp edges and ‘bow lips,’ or pair two liners for a two-toned or ombré lip. Consumers aren’t tossing glosses just yet, but there is a growing trend to use frosty lipstick for a vintage-supermodel look.

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