Renovated classroom at George Washington Carver Credit: Newark Public Schools photo

Superintendent León and the Newark Board of Education are prioritizing renovations, repairs, and upgrades because they positively impact the school environment. The Office of Facilities works tirelessly, upgrading schools, including classrooms, CTE rooms, offices, gyms, and building grounds! George Washington Carver Elementary School is one of the newest recipients of renovations that enhance the learning environment and contribute to improved attendance, test scores, and more.

The upgrades, including new flooring, air conditioners, cabinets, ceiling tiles, lighting, and painting, were done to improve school’s facilities, increase morale, and the student’s overall academic performance. The district believes that the space where teachers teach and students learn is just as important as the learning itself.

All the work, which consisted of carpentry, plumbing, electrical, sheet metal, glazing, HVAC masonry, and more was performed by the district trades staff. After renovations, the district custodial staff cleaned and set up the classrooms and offices, so students and staff were ready to work.

Superintendent León said, “During the height of the pandemic, the Facilities Team advanced significant upgrades and repairs. Over 50 buildings received upgraded roofing and HVAC, 35 bathrooms were enhanced, and multiple gyms received new flooring, basketball hoops, and lighting. We will continue to provide safe and exceptional environments for our students and staff.”

“Our students deserve an environment that is inviting and conducive to learning. I am proud that we have talented staff capable of creating that environment. We look forward to filling these additional classrooms with children from the mighty South Ward,” stated Board President Haynes.

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