Jeremy Fyfe, CEO of GLS Painters

Jeremy Fyfe, CEO & Owner

Address: 255 Berlin Cross-Keys Rd. Unit-C Berlin, NJ 08009

Phone Number: (856) 238-1288


Areas you service: South Jersey Area

Summary of business: GLS Painters is a residential and commercial painting company providing fine interior and exterior painting services throughout the South Jersey area. We are professional craftsmen and women with an eye for detail and extensive experience in new work and historic building restoration. We are incredibly proud that most of our work for over 2,500 customers comes as repeat business, direct referrals from our long-time satisfied customers, and recommendations from Facebook. With more than 180 reviews, we are exceptional in service and quality.

How many years have you been in business? 14 years

How did you become involved in the Painting Industry? 

It all started with a sandwich! I grew up watching my mom paint; it was actually in our DNA. I had my first job at a friend’s barbershop/ hair salon sweeping up hair for $5 a day and a few tips. But I wanted more, so I asked my mom how to earn extra money. While men are in and out of a barber chair pretty fast, women, on the other hand, can spend an hour or more in a salon. The next day I decided to sell sandwiches, desserts, and drinks. My mother always taught me to give my customers a great product and service with a smile. As time passed, I decided to build GLSPainters to pursue my passion in the painting industry and continue to provide excellent products and services with a smile. 

What motivates you? By providing for my family and creating a change in my community, my employees, and everyone around me.

What’s an interesting fact about your business most people don’t know? I would say that I started my business at a young age.

When did you join the AACCNJ? May 2021 

​As someone doing business in New Jersey, how does the Chamber help you? The Chamber has helped me by providing resources, networking, and business introductions. I am incredibly grateful for that. 

What has been the most valuable aspect of your AACCNJ Membership? The events, I love seeing people who look like me – win!

What advice would you give to other AACCNJ Members? Reach out to the members of the chapter. Create and cultivate relationships. Reach out to the leadership team – ask how you can be of service. See how they can help you succeed in business!

When you are not working, where do you enjoy spending your time in New Jersey? You can find me at any of the best restaurants in town with my family (we love to eat), parks because we love to be outdoors, at social events in Philadelphia, all the shore points in New Jersey, and volunteering in my community.

Who is your favorite sports team? Eagles and The Sixers​

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