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Chances are, you handle banking transactions, like paying bills, transferring or sending money, or even depositing checks, from your mobile phone. While technology allows you to bank at your fingertips, planning for milestone moments in your life may warrant advice from an expert. Meeting with a local Chase Community Manager or attending financial health workshops can help equip you with the information and tools to make your financial goals a reality.  

“Speaking with someone at the bank can feel intimidating, but my job is focused on helping people consider the possibilities when it comes to planning for and meeting their financial goals. It brings me such great joy to be able to help members from my community become financially healthier and more resilient,” said Omari Frazier, Chase Community Manager in Paterson.

Here are five conversation topics you can consider discussing during your next trip to your local branch: 

Buying your first home: Home Lending Advisors can help you explore the possibility of becoming a homeowner. This includes building a budget, determining what you can afford, establishing a plan to save for a down payment, and providing information on available grants to help cover closing or down payment costs. They’ll help you map out the following steps to become a homeowner, whether today or six months from now.  

Budgeting: A Community Manager or banker can help you build a budget to keep you on track to make your monthly payments, manage debt, and make room to save for small and big purchases. They can also help prepare for bigger life moments like saving for college or planning for your retirement. It’s helpful to approach these conversations with an idea of where you stand financially, so you can pinpoint what areas you’d like guidance on. 

Starting or growing your business: A Community Manager can help you plan to start your business and connect you to local resources. If you are already a business owner looking to grow, they can also connect you to experts such as Senior Business Consultants who offer mentorship to established businesses. If you’re just getting started or are not quite at the high-growth stage, you can use the Chase Business Resource Center to explore available tools to launch, manage, grow and develop your business. 

Building and managing your credit: A strong credit score is a foundation for many things, including helping you qualify for lower interest rates on your home, business, or car loan. Knowing your credit score is the first step, which can be done through tools like Credit Journey. Community Managers also host workshops on credit health that offer tips and suggestions on building or managing your credit score. 

Managing your money: The Chase Mobile app allows you to bank on your terms – from managing money, to making payments, or sending money to a friend. You also can get help addressing your kids’ money needs. We also can help you with tips and resources for financial caregiving for older loved ones. Ask your Community Manager about options available for kids and teens or ways to help protect you and your loved ones from financial abuse or fraud.

Local Chase branches regularly host workshops on these and other money topics. Stop by your branch to learn more or schedule a meeting by visiting JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. Member FDIC

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