Glenn Townes

Here we go again

Earlier this week, I received a press briefing about how Donald Trumps’ legal team filed a request to have a “Special Master” appointed to investigate and review the documents seized during the FBI raid at his Mar-a-Lago mansion last week. The thing that caught my eye was the wording. Why is it that almost whenever the name Donald Trump is mentioned–blood pressure-raising buzz words and phrases like “racist, master, bigot, white supremacist and “some of my best friends are…” always filter their way into a conversation?” In this case, a press announcement–that paints an even darker and haunting image—if that’s possible–of Trumpie.

The announcement is about Trumps’ continued frustration about the widely publicized raid of his Florida home. FBI agents retrieved boxes of highly confidential and classified information from Trump’s tumultuous and chaotic days at the White House. It appears the Trump legal team was responsible for the press release, about the “Special Master.” I can’t help but wonder if this is the same group of ambulance chasers that told the government back in June that all files and documents from Trumpies days as President had been turned over to the National Archives—as required? As the world discovered from the raid, that was a big lie—or should I say—alternative facts.

I am someone who has had countless screaming, yelling, and expletive-laced shouting matches online and in person with dozens of people over the past few years when it comes to politics. My head hurts, and my fingers ache. I’ve opted not to waste time, energy, or brain matter on circular conversations with people who see and hear only what they want to and turn a blind eye and deaf ear to even the most basic facts. It’s easier for me to utilize the DeleteBlock, and Unfriend keys and avoid mindless and heated arguments. After this social commentary is published, I have little doubt that my Permanently Blocked and Unfriend list will continue to grow. Oh well! But you can bet I will continue to watch, listen and, more importantly, write about what the MASTER or MASSA’ says and does.

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