Hello, New Jersey. Great news, the Bucket hats are back, a sweet throwback to the 90s and coming strong in 2022 with that revival we’ve all been waiting for. 

What makes the bucket hat such a popular purchase is that it offers 360-degree sun protection. You can rock this style at the beach, at the park, or on your next stroll when the sun is in full force because you know this bucket hat is helping to protect you from sunburn. After all, they shield your face, ears, and the back of your neck from intense UV rays, but they also look stylish. 

Stylish, yet simple, The Bucket Hat (contributed photo)

See below some of the best bucket hats, and get ready for the compliments when people stop and ask, “Where’d you get that hat?

Bronx Taino – https://100-art.creator-spring.com

All of the designs created by the graffiti artist #BronxTaino are original and seasonal. Art collectors across the globe have been quietly and passionately collecting his paintings like they know something the rest of us don’t know. ($31.99)

Lululemon’s reversible bucket hat works for all genders and comes in six different colors — each has a solid color on one side with a print on the other. ($48)

Urban Outfitters Mae Straw Bucket Hat comes in two women’s sizes: small/medium and medium/large and comes in white, black, light blue, tan, and bright red/orange.

Lack of Color makes hats for every season, but its bucket hats stand out for summer. The Wave Bucket Hat is made of terry cloth and comes in bright colors, bold prints, and a few neutrals. It’s low-key yet high-fashion. ($99)

 Nike Sportswear Bucket Hat, $28

This Nike bucket hat screams summer, and it comes in five colors and is available in three sizes for men and women.

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