The no-no makeup look is trending all over the world. I think Saie beauty might have kick-started this trend by creating their high-performance formulas and sustainable packaging, formulated by experts and backed by industry secrets.

Now for women of color, the question is does Saie beauty have a shade that works for our complicated skin needs. Let’s be honest; we are a myriad of undertones brought on by the systematic rape of our enslaved people worldwide. Saie offers light, light-medium, medium, medium tan, deep, and rich. If you decide to order online — never a good idea, in my opinion — the offer help in picking your shade.

Here’s some advice that has worked very well for me. In selecting your perfect match, understand that it goes beyond the color of your skin; its distinct shade is determined by two factors: skin tone and undertone. 

The more melanin your skin has, the darker your skin tone will be. Undertone is the tinting that’s just below the surface of your skin, and that could range from pink or red to green or yellow. That’s the trick — the undertone—and for years, most makeup brands didn’t address this, leaving us with makeup that didn’t compliment our skin complexity. And it’s important to understand that your skin can darken or lighten over time, and many factors can change this, like sun exposure or lack of sun. But note that your undertone will always remain the same. Now to get into the facts of the matter, two people may have the same skin tone but different undertones, resulting in distinctly different appearances. 

Undertones can generally be classified into one of three categories: neutral, a mixture of colors, or an apparent lack of them is regarded as neutral undertones. Warm 

undertones include yellow, peachy, or golden colors, and cool has pink, red, or blue hues. Just remember, whatever makeup you choose, skin care is the first step in any makeup routine. I suggest you explore Buttah — a skin care system created by an African American man who understands (intimately) what melanin-rich skin needs. 

Here are my thoughts on the Saie beauty brands: the hits and the misses. 


Slip Tint (broad-spectrum SPF 35 Tinted Moisturizers) is their best-selling and multi-award-winning tinted moisturizer which is packed with a blend of nourishing, skin-loving ingredients while still providing clean SPF 35 protection. One of the signatures of this brand is that each shade is blended into a wide range of skin tones and delivers our dewy, signature SaieGlow™. The ingredients that seem to help the most are the deeply hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and the Licorice Root that extracts, brightens, and refines. 

The Fluffy Brush 

They designed this Fluffy Brush to be first-time-powder-person friendly which means it’s hard to make a mistake. Its pinpointed tip allows you to precisely tap powders on targeted areas while the soft fluffy bristles give you all over-airy application.  

The Big Brush

This multi-use blender and buffing brush is dense yet incredibly soft for buffing and blending. The brush has ultra-soft, cruelty-free synthetic bristles and works for cream- and liquid-based formulas, whipping it into the skin for a flawless, filtered effect.



This concealer is packed with clinically-tested, powerhouse ingredients like Squalane, Glycerin, Cucumber, and Tomato extract. It is a very ultra-hydrating sheer concealer that covers and is promised to illuminate. 


This loose setting powder promises to set, smooth, and diffuse and is designed for all skin types leaving a signature SaieGlowTM. Their formula has hydrating Squalane, which deeply moisturizes skin and leaves it plump and smooth, and ethically-sourced Mica for luminous, supple skin that’s never cakey or dry. 

Well, I tried this a few times, and it caked under my eye, leaving it looking dry, and this is the first time — ever — a setting powder did this. 

Overall, SAIE beauty is a solid choice for women of color. You might have to mix a few elements to get it just right, but I think you will be happy in the end. Don’t forget to clean your face because great makeup begins with healthy, clean skin

To learn more about the products sold under the SAIE brand, click here. 


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