I’ve made it my business to follow up and coming African, Afro-Latino, and African American beauty experts via social media. Please understand that I am not throwing shade at others but what burns me up is that our creatives and influencers in the beauty industry often end up getting the short end of the stick, financially, again and again. That includes earning less money for paid campaigns, collaboration opportunities, or product availability. The lack of representation and the reason behind this snub is old-fashioned racism.

But we are culture and facts, and when life delivers us that great, big slew of challenges, we turn those lemons into a myriad of things that work. So, it’s no different for beauty influencers and makeup artists of color worldwide. We rise despite an effort to keep us submerged: facts. 

Here are a few makeup artists and influencers that you should follow because their advice is on point and trends to look out for in 2022.

1) Kay is a South African-based professional makeup artist, beauty content creator, YouTuber, and influencer. Follow her on her platforms to keep up with her work.

2) Vanessa Gyimah 

Vanessa is a published professional makeup artist and beauty content creator..

Goodness Mbah (Courtesy Photo)

3) Goodness Mbah 

A Nigerian-based makeup artist and beauty creator offers tutorials for those who want to learn her unique style and technique. 

4) Oheema Bonsu 

A beauty content creator, she offers tutorials via her YouTube channel. 

5) Bhoney

A lifestyle and beauty content creator. 

6) Jai does it 

Jai (Courtesy photo)

Jai is a self-taught makeup enthusiast and beauty content creator, and she’s learning every day and loves to teach. 


Bejeweled Eyes — thank you (or not) to HBO’s Euphoria for giving the world this beautiful idea. 

High-Shine Lips – if it’s not glossy, it’s not on-trend. Don’t believe me, check out Make Up By Mario to get caught up and on-trend. 

Soft Sculpting- the word is “contour,” which makes the difference between real-life glamour and camera-ready … glamour. 

Kitten Eyeliner – gone are the heavy tails, eyeliner. To get the natural lift — slimmer tails with a subtle flick.

Lifted Brows – the brow lamination look is here to stay because they open up the eyes and are 

flattering, but the trend is leaning into a softer form than a lamination or soap brow, which has maximum vertical hairs throughout the brow that lay relatively flat and can appear two-dimensional.

Blush Placement – where you place your blush can change the shape of your face. Blush has come down slightly lower, giving a more natural, fresher look. That works with all kinds of blush choices. 

Multi-Functional Color Cosmetics – the movement for clean beauty is not letting up. There are more color formulas across the foundation, eye makeup, blush, lips, and even nails that incorporate treatment ingredients as consumers want to treat their skin 24/7. Clean beauty might be here to stay. 

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