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American Bible Society today announced their third annual list of the top ten Bible editions to gift during the holiday season. American Bible Society’s team of Bible experts compiled the best, newest, and most unique Bible editions for gift-givers to share with family and friends for Christmas 2021.

“People need the hope of Jesus Christ. They need God’s Word. And, encouragingly, our friends and neighbors are increasingly open to the hope of the Bible. Research from American Bible Society shows that more and more people are interested in exploring Scripture—especially as they wrestle with ongoing fear, grief, and frustration with the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Robert L. Briggs, American Bible Society President and CEO. “This Christmas season is the perfect time to share the healing power of the Bible with open hearts. The Bible is still the world’s best-selling book, and we hope this list of editions is helpful to those looking for a copy to share with their loved ones.”

American Bible Society’s 11th annual State of the Bible study reported that more than 181 million Americans opened a Bible this past year, which is up significantly from the 2020 report that reported that 169 million Americans used the Bible at least occasionally. Practicing Christians agree the Bible is a great source of comfort when they are struggling (98%) and a great source of wisdom for decisions they make in life (98%) (page 168). American Bible Society’s team desires for more people to experience the hope-giving, life-changing message of God’s Word.

Top Ten Best Bible Gifts for 2021

1. For History and Civics Lovers: Faith and Liberty Bible. The Faith and Liberty Bible, GNT includes 813 articles and quotations from changemakers and leaders throughout American history who were influenced by Scripture. A team of scholars from American history, law, and religion annotated and reviewed each reference, including an index of Bible citations and allusions. This study tool helps readers uncover the relationship between faith and liberty. ($49.99 for hardcover from*)

2. For Audio Book AficionadosESV Bible, read by Kristyn Getty. This audio Bible allows listeners to hear Scripture in a new and inviting way. Kristyn Getty, an award-winning modern hymn writer, voices the ESV text from beginning to end. ($49.99 for CD set from Crossway)

3. For Geography Buffs (or those who want to be): CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible. For those interested in setting, this Bible offers insight into the locations mentioned in Scripture. More than 1,100 images, maps, and illustrations in the CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible help readers place the Bible’s passages. ($32.49 for hardcover from Lifeway)

4. For People who Like to Have a Plan: The One Year Bible. Perfect for starting or continuing a rhythm of daily devotions, The One Year Bible is broken up into sections to be read in its entirety in 365 days. This top-selling Bible is offered in NIV, NLT, and KJV versions. ($11.97 for paperback on Amazon)

5. For Marvel and DC Comics Fans: The Action Bible. Intended for visual learners ages 8+, this comic-inspired Bible features more than 230 Biblical stories in chronological order. The updated version includes 128 additional pages of illustrations from Sergio Cariello, who is known for his work with Marvel Comics and DC Comics. ($20.76 for hardcover on Amazon)

6. For Moms with Their Hands FullBusy Mom’s Bible. This NIV Bible was written for busy moms to reach for during the day-to-day reality of caring for their families. It includes 52 one-minute, five-minute, or ten-minute devotion options to help moms lean on God in every season of life. ($17.99 for leathersoft on Christianbook)

7. For Men Who Want to GrowThe Tony Evans Study BibleThe Tony Evans Study Bible, CSB incorporates study notes, sermons, and writings by Dr. Tony Evans with a focus on applying the Bible to daily life. It also includes 150 videos via QR code to help readers apply the truths of Scripture today. ($30.79 for hardcover from Amazon)

8. For Lovers of Christian Art: NRSVCE Illustrated Catholic Bible. This beautiful Bible features 513 pieces of art from a 16th-century Venetian Bible. The images are intended to help the reader draw nearer to the message of the Word, including the complete Catholic canon. This devotional Bible bears the imprimatur of the Roman Catholic Church and is approved for private study. ($51.99 for leathersoft on Christianbook)

9. For Narnia and Mere Christianity Fans: NRSV C.S. Lewis Bible. This NRSV Bible includes over 600 selections of C.S. Lewis’ writings—situated strategically around Scripture—and is known for its balance of scholarship and readability. It has been examined by an ecumenical selection of Christian academics and is intended to evoke deeper contemplation of biblical teachings. ($33.07 for hardcover on Amazon)

10. For New BelieversNIV Grace and Truth Study Bible and NBLA Biblia de Estudio Gracia y VerdadThe NIV Grace and Truth Study Bible is offered in both English and Spanish. A group of scholars and pastors created this guide to Scripture, which is perfect for new believers as well as those who are mature in their faith. This Bible provides rich and approachable notes to invite readers into a deeper understanding of God’s redemptive message. ($34.13 for hardcover on Amazon)

11. BONUS: For Those in Need this Christmas: Every $5 you donate to American Bible Society provides a Bible to someone waiting to experience the joy of the season. Thank you for sharing the hope of God’s Word with at-risk children, patient Chinese Christians, believers suffering for their faith, and U.S. Military members and their families.

As the United States experiences disruptions in the supply chain this year, American Bible Society encourages consumers to purchase Bibles as soon as possible to ensure their orders are delivered on time. American Bible Society’s list includes ten top picks for 2021 in no particular order. Prices listed are as of November 2021 and may not include shipping costs. American Bible Society does not receive any special compensation for Bibles purchased from this list, nor does American Bible Society endorse the individuals and companies named.

American Bible Society is a Christian nonprofit helping all people experience God through the Bible since 1816. Find free Bible resources and support Bible ministry at

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