Eugenia Foxworth (Contributed)

That’s what Eugenia Foxworth would admonish if you attempted to tell her she can’t do something. If you tell her she can’t do it, then she will, just to prove you wrong. 

“When I was growing up, everybody was supposed to marry the doctor, the dentist, or the attorney, and you went to the best schools to meet them… Not me. That wasn’t my thing.” 

Well, living authentically, apparently was her thing. Despite being vertically challenged and discouraged from attempting, a young Eugenia spent a summer modeling in Paris. In the decades since she has volunteered in the neediest of schools, curated a real estate empire and become the first black President of the International Real Estate Federation (USA). Ms. Foxworth is shedding light on these stories and those of others who have succeeded despite disbelief and adversity, in her new podcast, The Foxworth Theory.

But why now?

At ease talking with strangers, Ms. Foxworth has shared her experiences for many years. Now she’s flipping the script and asking others what has led to their  accomplishments in their respective fields. Although, being accomplished isn’t the only criteria needed to be one of her guests. “You had to have given back. There isn’t one person you’ve seen that has not given back, and helped people” Ms. Foxworth states.

Fostering respect for those who have paved the way for us is a theme of the podcast, along with the inspiration to follow your dreams, find a mentor and above all believe in yourself and who you are.

 “…this is an opportunity to educate people, without them realizing it…and I think that it’s an opportunity for people to know who did it first.” 

The Foxworth Theory bridges the gap between trail blazers then and now. By showcasing industry leaders and mentors that every dreamer can benefit from, Ms. Foxworth shows us that the old dog can teach us some new tricks. New tricks are necessary as we settle into a “new normal”. In a socially distanced world it can be easy to lose sight of the human aspect of life – sharing a story, a connection, the spark in the darkness. That’s what you will find in The Foxworth Theory.

Check out The Foxworth Theory every Wednesday at 2pm on the Harlem Voice Digital, or The Foxworth Theory channel on Youtube or other other major streaming services.

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