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In response to an alarming report by Barna Research, that 51% of mainline pastors are considering quitting the ministry, Edify Leaders has added the option of online pastoral care and ministry coaching services at no cost to ministers or their churches.

“The Barna report shocked us,” says Ray Sanders, founder of the Oklahoma ministry that provides care and encouragement to ministers. “For a decade Edify Leaders has walked alongside pastors helping them process and navigate the challenges faced in life and ministry. Ministry can take its toll. It’s never been this bad. COVID-19 brought things to a breaking point.”

Over the years, Edify Leaders has developed a proven private and inspiring ministry coaching approach that is seeing incredible results as pastors are refreshed, recharged, and renewed. Edify Leaders has served more than 100 ministers from more than 16 denominations and has more than 100 years of combined ministry experience.

“We stand with pastors. We meet ministers in private as we serve as a sounding board and confidante. They talk and we listen. Pastors aren’t superheroes. They face challenges and opportunities like everyone else,” Sanders explained. “We added online consultation as an option to our in-person meetings. Everything is personal, convenient, and confidential. We go to where ministers are. The advantage of services like Zoom allows us to meet with anyone, anywhere.”

Barna Research found more Protestant pastors are considering stepping away from ministry. Joe Jensen, Barna’s vice president of church engagement, told the Christian Post, “This particular stat, this is the highest we’ve ever seen it. 2021 is the highest we’ve seen it, which is why as a company, quite frankly, we are alarmed and are concerned about the overall well-being of pastors. We’re concerned with how this is impacting the overall health of the Church. I really believe that at the heart of every healthy church is a healthy pastor.”

“Our purpose is to encourage ministers to not grow weary but to keep up the good work! We urge ministers to reach out to us at There is no cost due to the generosity of donors,” Sanders shared. “We encourage people desiring to help to visit New donations are being matched up to $100,000.”

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