Superintendent Roger León hosted a ceremony for the official opening of a second new school in Newark for the 2021-22 school year – the Newark School of Data Science and Information Technology (NSDSIT). The school’s vision and mission is to provide students with industry-standard skills and prepare them for critical skills in the emerging, ever-evolving fields of technology and computer science. The school starts with an inaugural freshman class and will grow one grade level every year.

León shared, “The opening of this school symbolizes the unveiling of what is defined in the 10-Year Strategic Plan, “The Next Decade 2020-30”. He added, “Courses like Data Science and Cybersecurity embody our understanding that preparing for a better tomorrow is what we do today; it is our responsibility for this school, in this city, right now.”

At today’s ribbon-cutting ceremony, Board Vice-President Flohisha Johnson welcomed students to their new home and shared ten points of success. One of which was “The best approach to success of anything, is a straight line”.

In close alignment with the Newark Board of Education, the Microsoft Corporation will be the school’s educational partner and is committed to preparing students to be technology leaders by leveraging their commitment to education and empowering every student to achieve in the technological fields. This partnership will engage Microsoft’s professional and organizational capacities by providing curricular support, professional development for educators, and inclusive online environments through Microsoft platforms. Throughout this partnership, students will have the opportunity to earn industry-standard certifications that supplement the academic program and prepare them for an array of careers in the data science and information technology fields.

“We are in an exciting time of change,” said Renata Ruiz, the Modern Workplace Specialist at Microsoft. “With such a tremendous shift in culture comes a pivotal moment in education. Our educational mission is to empower every student on the planet to achieve more.”

Keeping in line with the school’s approach to cybersecurity – NSDSIT has also entered into a business partnership with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The partnership will leverage its expertise to expose students to critical and unique career opportunities in administration, law enforcement, and technology. Special Agent in Charge of the DEA’s – New Jersey Division Gibson said, “We have a long-standing relationship with the Newark Board of Education and look forward to this new relationship at the NSDSIT. This is a great opportunity to work with the students to show them how their education in data science and information technology will be applicable in a variety of career paths within DEA and other law enforcement components. This partnership is also a great way to forge a trusting relationship between students and law enforcement, and we will work to get the next generation of students excited about making a difference in this world and help them to achieve their goals.”

“Our partnership with the Microsoft Corporation and the DEA is an exciting component of our strategy to prepare our young people for the careers of the future, living up to our mission of preparing technology leaders who are change agents for all communities,” stated Dr. Liana Summey, Principal of the Newark School of Data Science and Information Technology.

In addition to NSDSIT’s Microsoft and the DEA partnerships, the school’s mentoring program will be supported by the Montclair State University Alumni Chapter of Groove Phi Groove Fraternity.

Joining Superintendent León and Principal Summey were Board Vice-Presidents Johnson and Santana, Board Members Anderson and Council, Dr. Brown of the Mayor’s Office, Deputy Johnson, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Ortiz, members of Groove Phi Groove Fraternity, and others.

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