Get Rid of Heart Diseases for Losing Weight

Often many people out of carelessness pay least attention towards their increasing body weight. Well but one needs to understand that over weight is hazardous. Being overweight may cost you your life. Yes over weight is killing as it aggravates the symptoms that lead to heart diseases and thus a stroke. Let us try to understand as to why being overweight leads to heart diseases.

Over weight adds cholesterol

Generally a person gains weight due to over eating and specially junk food. Similarly excess oily stuff adds to the body weight. Junk and oily food is high on calories which if not burnt turn into cholesterol. In overweight people the cholesterol level is very high. Cholesterol sticks the walls of the arteries thus creates hindrances in the blood flow to the heart. These hindrances cause blood pressure problems one of the major reasons of heart diseases.

Over weight hampers the digestive system

Over weight creates several indigestion problems. Having a healthy and smooth digestive system is very important for a healthy body. Over weight adds stress over the digestive which leads to gas problems. The gas problem can aggravate to serious stages leading to a heart stroke. a regular

Less sleep

Less sleep is one of the major reasons of stress which leads to heart problems. Over weight leads adds tremendous stress on the both physical and mental attributes of the body. This stress is then reflected in form of less sleep. Less sleep then leads to increased sugar level, high blood pressure and eventually causes a heart disease.

Exercise & its effect

Regular exercising will burn extra calories thus preventing the cholesterol problem. Exercising also relieves the body form both mental and physical stress, eventually, reducing the chances of heart disease. Thus to prevent heart problems reduce weight-it is very important.

Heart Health test & Diagnosis.

Cholestrol & heart problems generally arises around mid age .Annual check up of heart like Cardiac risk markers Free Reprint Articles, Cardiac basic profile or Advance Cardiac Profile test is improtant once you reach 40 years of age.

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