I expect this essay will be short. It shouldn’t take long for you to get the point and appreciate the irony.

Milwaukee born, cannibal and necrophiliac, Jeffrey Dahmer, is known to have killed 15 Black, Latino and Asian boys. He was sentenced to 15 life sentences in 1992; but was killed by another inmate in 1994.

Serial killer David Berkowitz, Son of Sam, the .44 Caliber Killer, was born in Brooklyn, New York. The subject of Spike Lee’s “Summer of Sam” film, he was convicted of six killings and was sentenced to a term of 365 years in prison or 15 life sentences. He claimed his neighbor’s dog, Harvey, told him to commit the murders. New York State Laws were passed in his name– the Son of Sam laws.

Theodore Cowell, aka, Ted Bundy, was a rapist and serial killer born in Burlington, Vermont. He confessed to 28 murders. Estimates credit him with more than 100. He was sentenced to death in 1979 and lived another 10 years until his execution in 1989.

Rapist, John Wayne Gacy, the Clown Killer, is credited with 33 murders. His victims were men and young boys. Gacy was sentenced to death for his crimes, at the time the most murders committed by a single individual, in 1980, yet he lived another 14 years until his execution in 1994.

Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people in his 1995 Oklahoma City bombing attack of the FBI building—then, the deadliest act of home-grown terrorism. McVeigh was given the death penalty and was executed June11, 2001. McVeigh accomplice, Terry Lynn Nichols, was given 162 consecutive life sentences.

Celebrated Svengali, Charles Manson, was born on my birthday, November 12, in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the only name on this list convicted of murder by proxy. Among his victims was film star, Sharon Tate. Murderers like Manson, and Berkowitz are the best proof that America has a penchant for creating celebrities and folk heroes out of the worst monsters among us. It’s a sick but undeniable part of us.

We idolize murderers and criminals like Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly and Bonnie and Clyde to name a few. The movies play and audiences cheer for the bad guy. Or more recently, they vote for the bad guy. Former President Donald Trump may not be directly responsible for the deaths of well over five hundred thousand U.S. citizens; however, he is arguably responsible for many of the needless deaths caused by his cover-up of the corona virus pandemic in the early days of 2020.

The irony of it all is that these monsters, these wicked creatures, lived to be arrested, brought before a jury of their peers, tried and convicted of their crimes and incarcerated according to their sentences. None of the above-named abominations were murdered by law enforcement– police officers, sheriff’s deputies, etc., in the performance of their duly sworn duties. They were subjects of exhaustive investigations and eventually apprehended. None of these monsters, Dahmer, Berkowitz, Bundy, Gacy, McVeigh, Nichols, or Manson, were shot dead in the streets. They survived the cops. Is the sad irony making you physically ill? I hope so! Police officers treated Dylann Roof to Burger King after his apprehension for fatally shooting nine members of a Bible Study at Emanuel AME church in Charleston, South Carolina. Sick yet?

America is shamelessly unapologetic for its long history of genocide. Ironically, the newly formed Biden administration is tasked with demanding Turkish President Erdogan (pronounced: Er-do-wan) admit to the genocide of the Armenian people during World War I under the Ottoman regime. This… when no American administration has ever openly acknowledged the colonists’ genocide of the North American natives, or this young nation’s murderous treatment of Africans imported to these shores as livestock.

That’s what’s on my mind!

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