The Boundless Apps Team, a Georgia based tech-start company specializing in digitized solutions that enhance daily activities and improve business operations, and the YMCA of Newark and Vicinity, New Jersey announce their partnership to provide No/Low code app development training to the youth attending YMCA after school programs.

The Boundless Apps Team will facilitate the app development training to students of all ages using their learning platform, #ibuiltmyapp. Sessions will be led by Cynthia Ages who specializes in No/Low code instruction for secondary students. She also serves as part owner and CTO of the Boundless Apps Team.

Participants of the #ibuiltmyapp program will gain skills to build native applications using No/Low coded platforms as well as a basic understanding of the business fundamentals needed to start their projects. The program is currently in session at multiple YMCA of Newark and Vicinity locations and will continue throughout the summer.

No/Low code app development is increasingly being recognized as a certified alternative to build web based mobile applications. Google’s recent acquisition of AppSheet serves as proof of the capabilities of platforms developed using No/Low code. The market is also steadily growing. In 2017, the no code development market was valued at $3.8 billion dollars and is expected to increase to $21.2 billion dollars by 2022 (

No/Low code programming also allows individuals with limited to no tech experience the opportunity to build a functional app or software. Dr. Dawn Niles, a former #ibuiltmyapp student, attributes her success in app development to learning through the #ibuiltmyapp course. Niles states, “Cynthia taught me how to build my app and now I have multiple offers from school systems wanting to buy my app.”

The program, #ibuiltmyapp, equips students with technological skills and knowledge to bring their innovative ideas, creativity, and designs to fruition.

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