Chancellor Stephen Spahn — the longest-serving head of an independent school in the U.S. — announces the creation of Franklin School, a new high school aimed at engaging students actively in their own learning through a flexible, cutting-edge curriculum designed to educate innovators and socially responsible global leaders.

Located at 100 Town Square Place in downtown Jersey City, Franklin School will offer an accessible world-class education to students in grades 9-12 beginning in Fall 2022. The first three virtual admissions open houses will be held on May 3, 13, and June 2.

Future-proofing Education
“We’re delighted to introduce a high school education customized for today’s learners — students who are laser-focused on the future and eager to make a difference in the world. We want students to carve their own paths with choices in both what and how they learn, and empower them to have agency over their own future,” says Spahn.

“Given the furious rate of technological change, we have to ‘future-proof’ education,” he continues. “It is only through a flexible, innovative curriculum, blending world-class academics with real-world readiness that we can prepare students to succeed in tomorrow’s working world. Franklin graduates will acquire the tools and skills of entrepreneurs and the mindset of innovators.”

A New Kind of School: Academic Excellence Meets Real-world Readiness
Franklin is transforming the private school experience. The innovative and academically rigorous curriculum, enriched by both local culture and global perspectives, emphasizes critical and design thinking through applied learning, while providing time for students to pursue their own interests through online courses and programs beyond the classroom.

Educating Innovators through the Franklin Incubator
Every student will develop a passion project requiring them to prototype, test, and develop it in the Incubator. Through the process, students will gain entrepreneurial skills — brainstorming, collaboration, and creative problem-solving — as well as adaptability, resourcefulness, and resilience. These skills and mindset will prepare them to successfully navigate life’s unforeseen challenges and the rapidly changing working world.

“The immersive Franklin Incubator experience will tap into students’ ingenuity, underscoring our belief in their unbridled potential to become innovative change agents and socially responsible global leaders,” says Spahn.

To meet Franklin’s leadership team and learn more at a virtual open house, register online or via Applications will be accepted beginning December 2021 for the 2022-23 school year.

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