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Valentine’s’ Day is all about the celebration of love and romance. It’s the time for happy couples to rejuvenate their love story by doing something special for each other. It’s the day to make unforgettable memories you two are going to cherish forever. Well, there’s little doubt that surprises make the best memories. But, buying an island or gifting world’s biggest diamond ring happens only to a lucky few. Does that mean common people like you and me have no way of surprising our special ones? Fortunately, the things matter to heart do not always come with a price tag. Hence, if you are planning to surprise your love on this valentine’s day then here are the top 10 amazing yet easiest ways to surprise your valentine.

10 Easiest Ways to Surprise Your Valentine

Plan It on 13th

Send a rose bouquet to your special one at their office address so that the first thing they receive after entering the office is your Valentine gift. And, oh, they will be the only one in the office. Now, imagine the feeling and the expression on his/her face!

Or, on 15th

For that be prepared to face the rage of your love. Pretend that you have forgotten all about it and then, on the next day, take your special one to a surprise dinner or anything.

Write a Poem

Specially, if you are not much on the romantic side, it can be the biggest surprise to your valentine. Well, nobody’s asking you to become Shakespeare or Nicholas Sparks, but, just a few words or a verse dedicated to your beloved can make the most special Valentine gift.

Announce It on Twitter

Let the world know you’re in love with this wonderful person. Tweet it and ask your followers to spread the word by retweeting it. Even better, request your followers to make it viral. I once saw a twitter of a guy who wrote that if that particular tweet gets 10k retweets, his girlfriend will marry him.

Arrange Layered Surprises

Geto 5 or 10 boxes in different sizes – from bigger to smaller ones. Now, pack your gifts in the boxes and arrange them in a layered way so that each box will contain the smaller one inside it and likewise. Or else, put the single precious gift in the smallest box and let your Valentine open each box to discover the original gift.

Share Love

They say, anything you give to others, comes back to you in multiples. Try this formula on this Valentine’s day and take your special one to some charity work. Keep it a surprise. Spend time, share love with those who need it the most. That’s a priceless gift!

Homemade Valentine

Bake a heart-shaped cake or cookie with your Valentine’s name written on it. Make some pasta or pizza and go creative with the decoration. Make a DIY love-heart with papermash. Brush up your culinary and/or creative skills, do something on your own and give your love a pleasant surprise.

Do Something New Together

It can be a dance class or a Kung-fu crash course or a yoga session. Try something new. OR, maybe, something your special one has been planning to do for long. Just enroll yourselves without letting the other know and give him/her the best Valentine surprise.

A Surprise Trip

If she/he loves trekking, book or arrange a trekking trip to a wonderful destination that has long been in her/his bucket-list. The motto is to take your Valentine to a surprise trip. It can be a road trip, it can be a crazy beach trip to Goa or a cozy trip to a beautiful hilly hamlet.

Cozy Picnic

OrFind Article, just arrange a cozy picnic at some nearby weekend getaway type destination and indulge into some quality “we” time together.

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