New Jersey’s minimum hourly wage went up by $1 to $12 per hour, for most employees, on Jan. 1.

The minimum hourly wage for employees of a small employer or those engaged in seasonal work will increase to $11.10, while employees who work on a farm for an hourly or piece-rate wage will see their minimum hourly wage increase to $10.44, both rising from $10.30.

In February 2019, Gov. Phil Murphy signed a landmark law that incrementally increases the minimum hourly wage to $15 (in 2024) for most employees, but gives seasonal, small, and agricultural employers more time to reach the new minimum threshold.

“With the new year comes a new minimum wage in New Jersey as we increase it to $12-an-hour for most employees,” said Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, who sponsored the bill. “Too many workers aren’t earning enough to make ends meet especially during the current public health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Continuing to gradually raise the minimum wage provides help for New Jersey residents and future generations and aids in alleviating poverty across our great state.”

Once the minimum wage reaches $15 per hour, the state Constitution specifies that it continue to increase annually based on any increase in the Consumer Price Index.

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