Mark Davenport and Denise Milton are using skills learned successfully running small businesses in inner-city neighborhoods to guide more Black entrepreneurs. And they have gathered other black businessmen and women who share their vision.

Adequate funding for this initiative is their next big challenge.

The widespread economic troubles brought on by the pandemic have not lessened entrepreneurial spirit or innovation in urban communities, they believe. It has only redirected resources toward relief and away from development.

A situation their group is striving to remedy in disadvantaged neighborhoods.

“First and foremost, we are a black investment group composed of local businesspeople working together to build up our black urban communities,” Davenport says. “Our mission is to uplift neighborhoods through entrepreneurial education, leadership and example.”

Potential investors are invited to invest $500 or more in support of The New Black Wall Street Investors and its mission to promote sustained economic growth.

“We offer the opportunity to become limited partner investors with The New Black Wall Street Investors. By leveraging our collective resources, we aim to create purpose-driven investments that build and strengthen the black community while also delivering superior returns to our partners,” he adds.

Investment in business start-ups is a proven way to cultivate more entrepreneurship and to create sustained generational economic growth, he believes. Applying capital and educational resources wisely also helps broaden growth across communities.

“The New Black Wall Street Investors is committed to making an impact that goes beyond financial returns. Together, we will contribute meaningfully to improving lives,” says Milton.

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