EyeBuyDirect donated 700 pairs of blue light blocking eyewear to Hawkins Street School in Newark. The eyewear will help filter out harmful blue-violet light, the most harmful part of the blue light spectrum, produced by digital screens; a problem during the current extended distance learning programs.

Each student received a pair on Dec. 19. Parents had the option of stopping by one of the tables to pick up the eyewear or staying in their car and having the frames brought to them.

“As an industry leader, we believe it is our responsibility to support the communities where our customers live and give back in a meaningful way,” said Sunny Jiang, CEO at EyeBuyDirect. “It’s the season of giving and we are thrilled to support the families of Hawkins Street School and do our part to protect their children’s eye health during this challenging time.”

With schools extending remote learning into the New Year, EyeBuyDirect wanted to help protect children’s eyes from the prolonged exposure to screens and ensure their time online was productive and fruitful. Wearing lenses that filter the harmful blue light helps reduce eye fatigue and increase protection.

“As educators, we are constantly worried about the overall well-being of our students, and seek ways to support them outside the classroom,” said Veronica Piombo, a teacher at Hawkins Street School. “We are so grateful for EyeBuyDirect’s generous donation and know this will have a positive impact not only in our student’s eye health, but also in their ability to focus, absorb new concepts, and improve their learning experience.”

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