On the heels of the FDA approval of the first US vaccine, a study conducted by BlackDoctor.org (BDO) reveals the “Confidence boosters” for the 40% of Blacks who report they are willing to take the vaccine.  This study asked Black Americans what might boost their confidence for taking the vaccine?  Sixty percent (60%) said they will not be taking the vaccine.

Among the remaining 40% of responses, 17.4 % selected “The OK from top black doctors” as the top confidence booster.  The second highest response at 16.1%, was the approval of trusted health organizations like BlackDoctor.org. All responses are listed in order below:

  • The OK from top Black medical experts (17.4%)
  • BlackDoctor.org and other trusted orgs’ approval (16.1%)
  • Major pharmaceutical companies developed it (5.5%)
  • Approval from family and friends (0.8%)
  • Pastor’s approval (0.25%)

Again, the study reported approximately 60% still are reluctant to take the vaccine. There is a long history of distrust between the Black community and the healthcare establishment, in general. The COVID pandemic has reopened the discussions about this history.

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