As New Jersey and the nation battle another wave of COVID-19 and vaccines soon begin to become available, a new poll conducted by Change Research commissioned by Newark-based non-profit Project Ready finds that a large number of New Jerseyans say they will not agree to take an FDA-approved, no-cost coronavirus vaccine, including 60% of Republican and 20% of Democratic voters.

The survey finds that communities of color have not only experienced the worst of the pandemic in terms of financial impacts, but are also less likely to agree to take a vaccine, with 37% of white, 39% of Black, and 45% of Hispanic voters saying they would not agree to be vaccinated.

“Despite the devastating and disproportionate impacts of the pandemic on communities of color, they’re also the least likely to say they will agree to be vaccinated,” said Shennell McCloud, Executive Director of Project Ready. “Our leaders must take notice that there aren’t just partisan differences driving these reactions and commit to dedicating the resources to educate our neighbors regarding vaccines.”

A majority of voters give positive ratings for the State’s handling of the pandemic, while at the same time, nearly two-thirds believe the situation is worsening.

Among the findings, 73% of African-Americans say their finances have been impacted, half say that someone in their household lost their job, 83% of African Americans say that pandemic is getting worse and nearly 40% of African-American or more likely to say they would not agree to be vaccinated.

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