Anna D. Banks, CEO of Thrive Leadership Institute, Inc. and Executive Director with John Maxwell Team, is hosting the first in the series of monthly virtual events for residents in Essex County. The event, “How To Do A Life Audit” is scheduled on Tuesday, Dec, 8 at 7 p.m. (ET), to help people assess and audit their lives with the goal of cultivating more happiness and fulfillment.

During this event, Banks will share the process of conducting a life audit, help guests define their core values, and explain how-to live-in accordance with personal beliefs to achieve greater fulfillment.

“Too many people, especially men and women over age 50, believe they can’t change their situations. As a result, these individuals become victims of their own negative mindsets, prior conditioning and, limiting thought patterns. It’s time to redefine your life and align more correctly to your authentic self! It’s time to start living in accordance with your values to reach full self-awareness,” says Banks. “My passion is to help others improve their lives by digging deep and understanding what lies just beneath the surface to align with their core values.”

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