By D. Kevin McNeir
Executive Editor, New Jersey Urban News

With the Democratic National Convention now history and the Republican National Convention drawing to a close, the differences between the two parties four-day events are evident. Like it or not, voters may have no choice but to base their decision on which party offers presidential and vice presidential candidates that best meet their needs according to personalities instead of platforms.

And that’s truly unfortunate, disheartening – even tragic. But it’s real.

Clearly, neither Biden or Trump offered detailed political platforms over which voters could reflect, analyze and digest before marking their ballots in the coming weeks and months – whether via mail or in person. However, those who spoke on behalf of the Democrats or Republicans did attempt to clearly delineate between the two parties and their chosen candidates.

But if you watched carefully, the distinctions that were more evident and easier to discern had more to do with personalities than political platforms. Joe Biden remained in the background while those speaking on his behalf – mostly Democrats but a few Republicans – made their pitch to voters.

On the other hand, the current president, Donald Trump, made sure that he was in the camera each day of his party’s convention in an undisputed role of the conductor for the GOP orchestra.

And while we do not presume to say which candidate was most effective in their words to the American public, and while our publication does not and has never endorsed candidates, we do feel compelled to summarize what we observed during both conventions.

It seems that Biden and his supporters sought to emphasize a theme or mission of increasing unity for all Americans for the benefit of the common good regardless of differences among U.S. citizens. Meanwhile, Trump cast himself as the candidate who has the best chance for improving the lives of everyday, ordinary people – even when his rhetoric stood in stark opposition to the collective views or

We urge our readers to look for and demand concrete policies and objectives from both sides so they can make an informed decision in their choice for president. And we discourage those who make their decision based on theatrics, antics or rhetoric presented by or on behalf of either candidate, no matter how convincing.

After all, we’re voting for president of the United States, not the next host for a reality show.

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