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Black-owned tech start-up Code Super Powers is offering its first fully virtual coding summer camp for kids to expand opportunities and provide increased access to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) instruction for children nationwide.

The start-up is focused on expanding access to technology-based education and empowering youth through coding, is offering live virtual coding classes on topics including animation, art and music, Minecraft, Roblox, arcade game design, storytelling and advanced coding. Based in Bowie, Md., Code Super Powers has typically focused on in-person classes. Given the current COVID-19 pandemic as well as the desire to bring technology to more children, classes are being made available more broadly.

“We are excited to be able to expand the reach of our world-class coding curriculum. We know how valuable it is for children to have access to technology creation from an early age. Learning how to code has leveled the playing field for many of our students, especially those from historically underserved communities. Coding offers so many important benefits, particularly confidence and critical thinking, to our students,” said MP Evans, Founder of Code Super Powers.

Code Super Powers offers all children the valuable and fun experience of technology development. This is particularly important for children of color, as Black and Hispanic workers are significantly underrepresented in the STEM workforce. According to the Pew Research Center, only 9% of STEM workers are Black and only 7% are Hispanic in the U.S.

By exposing children of color to STEM opportunities, there is a greater likelihood that they will pursue a STEM career and reap the benefits of taking that career path. In fact, Black and Hispanic students who try AP Computer Science in high school are seven times more likely to major in it in college, according to Code.org.

Code Super Powers’ summer classes are open to all students up to age 14 and no previous experience is required. Classes run weekly through July and August and build on the previous week’s curriculum, but students can join in at any point. Go to codesuperpowers.com for more information on the program.

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