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By Dignity for All

The pandemic has shone a light on how racial inequality has impacted minority families and their students due to their lack of digital inclusion and inability to receive remote educational services in their homes making it impossible for their children to achieve their academic goals for the year.  It is a flagrant denial of their civil rights and ensures a continuation of inadequate education, joblessness and poverty as families struggle to survive in today’s economy. Online education is not an option today, it is here to stay and Urban Tech is dedicated to closing the divide..

Parents are essential partners in this important mission. Urban Tech’s Dignity for All’s Parents Care Program strengthens the ties between home and school and unlocks the potential of parents to improve their own Social and Emotional Well-being and job skills as well as their children’s skills by being trained and certified as paid paraprofessionals to join schools in delivering online services in their homes.

It is  time to close the learning gap for these marginalized and low-income students who have been turned upside down by the pandemic from children who live in urban communities to those in rural communities, low income families, immigrants and families of color who today cannot access online education and who will continue to struggle to gain the skills  necessary to survive in today’s competitive economy.

Over the last 25 years as an educational not for profit corporation, Urban Tech has helped communities to fully participate in the information age by applying ”A Whole Village” approach to education. Through Dignity for All, Urban Tech invests in parents as equal partners in the education of their children and support teachers with interactive classroom activities adapted to individual students, small groups, and whole class modules.

Working together with funding partners, Urban Tech addresses racial inequality and the lack of access caused by the pandemic by building a bold new “smart” learning platform for social and emotional learning and world-class education available anytime and anyplace; and trains parents to assist in providing education to the entire family.   We invite you to join us.

If we are successful, Dignity for All would not only lift students out of the educational crisis caused by the pandemic but pay parents to become equal partners in educating their children,  lifting all boats in the community.   

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