Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey (Google Maps)

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During the height of the pandemic, one small NJ hospital, Long-Term Acute Care Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey, accepted critical COVID-19 patients from hospitals in four states and reports high COVID-19 recovery success.
When coronavirus hit New Jersey the hardest, the Long-Term Acute Care (LTAC) Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey in Lakewood hit back harder. The hospital is known for their respiratory program, caring for patients with respiratory failure or mechanical ventilation. The hospital has be successfully weaning respiratory patients from ventilator dependence, allowing them to achieve their highest functioning level. 
“We were in the eye of the COVID-19 storm in NJ, when we began to receive patient transfer requests from numerous hospitals. Our team here quickly adjusted to the volume of COVID-19 patients from our state of New Jersey, as well as New York (NYC and Long Island), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), and Connecticut,” said  Chief Medical Officer, Howard Lebowitz.
Many patients arrived in critical condition, on ventilator support. With our exceptional care, the average patient was weaned off the ventilator and successfully returned home within 20 days of their stay. 
Among many success stories from the hospital include a young father whose baby was born while he was on the ventilator recovering from COVID-19. The man met his infant daughter for the first time, as he walked out of the hospital. The age range of COVID-19 patients treated at LTAC Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey, is from 41 to 93. 
Specialty Hospital of Central Jersey is located within the campus of Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus. 

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