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Reports indicate that Jersey City officials approved a resolution declaring May 25 as “Black Lives Matter Day” in the wake of the police killing of Black, unarmed George Floyd and the recent protests over racial injustices.
The resolution was put forth by Jersey City Councilman Jermaine Robinson who said May 25 was the day Floyd died and will be known as a day that shifted attention on racism in America. City Council Members reportedly voted unanimously to approve the measure
“May 25th was the day the world took notice that Black lives mattered,” Robinson said in one report said. “No one really understood it except us. And so May 25 became the day that everyone understood that Black lives matter and make sure that this goes down in history. Every year on May 25, we will be celebrating in Jersey City.”
Black Lives Matter Day will be used to encourage residents to work to end systemic racism and white supremacy and remember the lives of victims of racism.

As city’s across the nation begin making changes to police departments, Jersey City Mayor Steven M. Fulop and Public Safety Director James Shea recently announced that the “Use of Force” General Order for the Jersey City Police Department will be amended where necessary and clarified where necessary to be consistent with best practices. 

“I took the pledge last night when President Obama asked mayors to step up, and we are starting on Day 1 with changes and clarification where needed” said Fulop. “We have the best police department anywhere in the country and when it is possible to be even better, we will take steps to get there.” 
Over the next few weeks, Fulop will work in conjunction with the City Council and the community to make sure Jersey City remains a “national leader” with regards to policing policy. 

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