Elliott Eddie (Contributed)

Urban News Staff Reports

Elliott Eddie has created the world’s first and only STEM Accredited (STEM.Org) Entrepreneur Board Game. The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks is a way for children and adults to learn how to start and build a successful home-based and/or brick and mortar business. 
As an entrepreneur with over five companies that operate in the black, Eddie has taken his passions for entrepreneurship, public speaking and teaching and focused them on a board game designed specifically to expand the knowledge and confidence of anyone who might consider becoming a captain of industry. 
 “Whether you or your child wants to be a full-time entrepreneur, learn how to create an additional stream of income, build your skills for the job market or just have a lot of fun, this game does it all,” said Eddie
The Entrepreneur Game by EESpeaks is intended for players ages 12 and up. With 2-6 players, the journey begins around a classic style board game. Each player is the Founder and C.E.O of his or her own home-based or brick and mortar business. 
The objective of the game is to grow the business into an empire, through marketing, budgeting, investing, decision-making, negotiating deals and a host of other 21st Century skills — all while avoiding bankruptcy. When all the players reach the “Finish” spot, whoever has the most in cash and non-cash assets wins. 

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