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Muslim, Jewish, and Christian faith leaders from congregations across the East Bay came together via Zoom in partnership with 360 Total Concept to produce a social media PSA entitled, “With Love”, to reassure the faith communities that they will not be re-opening their churches, sanctuaries, temples, and  mosques at this time.

Men and women of faith spoke in a unified voice, relaying the message that their first priority during this COVID-19 pandemic is protecting the lives of those in and around their worship communities.. During the “Shelter In Place” initiative, many of the faith leaders have utilized the online platforms to expand their ministries from beyond their worship centers’ walls to throughout the Bay Area and around the world.

Through the “With Love” social media campaign, these interfaith leaders are standing together for the safety and well-being of their communities during this world health crisis. All involved hope that each “like” to this social media campaign will lead to a life saved.

The PSA’s last line is “We will get through this together, with love” is the faith leaders’ mantra of how we, as a nation, will survive this pandemic as well as overcoming racial injustices including the recent death of George Floyd while in police custody.

Click here to see the PSA.

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